So it has begun “again” – URPC resignations……….

Not too long ago URPC was up to full strength with seven councillors. I am sure the whole village was relieved that with new blood and vigour, actions on various projects held in abayance could at long last happen.

However, I have just learned that one of the most proactive councillors has resigned: Martin Johnstone (Vice Chairman) this follows the Chairman (Marc Buffrey) only a month ago.

One can only speculate the reasons and I know it’s not parishioners that have caused Martin to make this momentous decision. It would appear that internal politics within URPC orchestrated by some individuals have caused this decision. 

One can only guess what these people’s motives are, they are certainly not to help the village progress in 2018. I do hope Martin outlines why he has resigned in a letter that can be published in the public domain. Marc did notify us off the record, but I have never mentioned his reasons as a mark of respect for his wishes.

I would like to sincerely thank Martin for all his hard work since his stay as Vice Chairman of Upper Rissington Parish Council. He has been instrumental in communicating with the electorate and trying to move things forward in many areas.

The result of URPC shenanigans is that the village doesn’t receive any of the maintenance our extremely high precept should pay for, such as:

Edit: Added below is the Resignation letter that was sent to Rissington Websites today.

URPC – Martin Johnstone Resignation Letter – 6 August 2018

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4 thoughts on “So it has begun “again” – URPC resignations……….

  1. More than 1000 hits on this article but why so few comments? Do people really not care and accept what is going on? I find this quite alarming!

  2. Do people care what happens in the PC, if it doesn’t affect them directly?

    Is the usual tactics being used, so frustrates other Councillors who eventually just give up (life is to short).

    Hasn’t the play park referb only be delayed, at request of the company, due to the ground conditions and work will start later in the year?

  3. I think people care less and less, as they don’t see any progress. My major gripe would be the amount of money they appear to have collected, which should be spent on village improvements.

    Posted elsewhere, the Play Park has been delayed until October. Unsure of the reasons, except for laying of turf in this dry spell.

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