Southern Boundary Walk / Cycle Path

The above picture is taken at the pinch point at Hercules with still sufficient room for a wide path of 3m.

It was mentioned at this weeks Parish Council Meeting that the pathway from Sparrows Way to Delfin Way at the South of the development is missing on the latest planning proposal? At the foot of the post are the original plans from 2013 showing the missing pathway. The original and existing plans show the 3m pathway from East of the site skirting round to Sparrows Way and then stopping, WHY? 

There is no reason for this stoppage, as there is sufficient room for the pathway to continue as far as Delfin even to the full width of 3m if necessary. Will be writing to CDC on this.

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5 thoughts on “Southern Boundary Walk / Cycle Path

  1. Jerry, Kelvin and I have a meeting with Bovis COO on Friday next week and this is definitely one point that will be raised with him in addition to the bunds on the South side which should not be there and of course the South Field which needs to be levelled and re landscaped once the ACM and AWCCT has been removed to a certified landfill site.

  2. It was one of my comments at the PC meeting and on the planning application for change of use of the watch tower to a private dwelling when that was published some time ago now. I was concerned, (and I voiced it at the time) that would this change of use affect the path on the south side.

  3. The change of use of the watch tower is a red herring as there is a playpark planned right beside it! LinBo want to take the cycle path out because they almost certainly want to keep that area for their site office when they start building on Delfin way! Let’s just hope their plans get halted by the CDC planning committee in September! It’s not a done deal by any degree!

    1. Mike, think you had better check the area that the watch tower covers. Think the red herring is your comment.

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