Speed Limit Reduction – Village and Barrington Road

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At the May Parish Council meeting a proposal was made to reduce speed limits.The proposal was for all roads in Upper Rissington Village to be reduced from 30 to 20 mph whilst the speed limit along the main Barrington Road should be reduced from 40 to 30 mph.

The letter would require evidence of vehicle speeds and if it were to remain at 40 mph at present, ths ma well be reviewed on completion of the new development.

The Parrish council are keen to get resident feedback on this matter.

Tel: 01451 810839
E-mail: clerk@upperrissington.net

7 thoughts on “Speed Limit Reduction – Village and Barrington Road

  1. Personally, I have no objection to a 20 mph limit in the Village itself. In fact it makes sense as where can you achieve 30 mph within the Village. So yes 20 mph within the Village please.

    Regarding the 40 mph – leave as is and review when the development is in progress. Afterall, it’s a wide main road with no adjacent property to the village.

  2. Total waste of council £££ as it wont be policed change of Road signs ££££ so it may as well stay as it is

  3. I think it is a good idea to reduce the village speed limit to 20mph and being road signs, doesn’t this come from someone else’s budget (i.e. not the Parish)?

    The 40mph limit should be dropped to 30 while passing the village as people have to walk along the road side edge in places were there is no footpath and what about Sandy Lane & Southgate Close residents who have to cross the road if they are coming to the Co-op, etc.

  4. The 40 mph limit is not enforcable. When the road was widened in 2001, the 40 repeater signs were dug up and never replaced. They were left laying on the floor of one of the hangars and may well still be there.

    There are still a number of unadopted roads so again the speed limit in not enforceable.

  5. Repeater posts have appeared, clearly the signs will appear next. In an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty we destroy it with endless signs.

    Please can someone have some common sense and get rid of the unnecessary street furniture now.

    And at the same time remove all the illegal signs that appear without authority.

  6. Yes it’s a shame all that tarmac stuff is everywhere spoiling the countryside 😉

    PS Refer you back to my comment on 5 Aug 10 in this thread

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