Spring Walkabout – 19 Apr ’17

A beautiful Spring day in Upper Rissington. Good to see landscaping making progress. Plus Phase 6 moving ever forwards. Also noticed many new street lights being installed.


  • I see nearly all the bollards have been put in on Longmore Av and further along Kitty Hawk Walk. Just two to do at Wellington Road, positions already marked 🙂

    Talking of Kitty Hawk Walk, now Red Arrows Close is finished, the final bit of path is now in place, so you can now walk across the ‘middle’ of Victor Fields, from Mitchell Way to Mitchell Way on the other side 🙂

    • I see on FB, the developers have gone bollard crazy, as they’ve put one in the middle of a standard width path, so you have to go onto the grass to get round it, if you are carrying bags or have a pram – ops 😮

  • May get some pictures of the Bollards tomorrow then. 🙂 Saw a couple – but thought nothing of them at the time. On a positive note good to see the work being done!

    • Even more crazy, the bollard I talked about, will not be needed, as the gap in the fence is going to be closed, so the path will stop and you’ll continue on grass.

      It is good to see things being completed, lets hope it continues 🙂

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