Boundary Walls – minor damage!

This beautiful Cotswold village is privileged to have a Cotswold Stone Boundary wall. The original Station commander, Group Captain A.P.Ellis was instrumental in getting it built around the village before WW2.

Unfortunately, there is a hole developing on part of it on the Barrington Road. Furthermore, if this is not repaired soon the state of the wall could cost a lot of money to repair.

There are also damaged pillars and walls at the Northern access to Folland Park (URPC responsibility) and have been damaged for several months.

The above two examples of damage will be repaired only when URPC have discussed it a URPC meeting.

Finally, the damaged wall near the Mitchell Way roundabout (hopefully being rebuilt by the developers). Note the picture including the tractor is from David Harrison.

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2 thoughts on “Boundary Walls – minor damage!

  1. Some of these are closer to a year rather than months waiting for repair and one of the tall pillars will need to be rebuilt, as it is twisted from near the base – has it been hit by a vehicle of some sort.

    The small wooden ‘barrier’ posts at Folland Park (seen in one pic), either need to be replaced or removed, as they are rotting away or being knocked out leaving a hole. These posts have been brought to the attention of the PC and a claim (a few years ago) was made by a resident due to injury from a missing post leaving a hole (vandals kept removing the post).

  2. I had recourse today to look up an old email sent to the Parish Clerk and found it included damaged to the walls at the north end of the play park. This email was dated 20 Sept 2017 and still not fixed !!!

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