UR Walkabout – 3 April 2018

UR – 3 April 2018 Walkabout The attenuation pond is awaiting its liner. It can only be done once the pond is empty. The location of the Calor tanks is on the South East of the site. Unfortunately, there is […]

Flogas + the white Calor tanks

In our previous home we were supplied with LPG from Flogas, which proved to be cheaper than Calor. I have just asked them if they could supply our home. Of course we would need our own tank being installed to […]

Mains Gas for the old part of Upper Rissington.

When our village was planned to expand with the Victory Fields development, mains gas was promised to the whole village. The resolution in relation to the provision of mains gas to the Village of Upper Rissington has therefore been unfulfilled […]

Calor – LPG Update

This is the letter Margaret Flint received today regarding replacing LPG at Upper Rissington. Click the link to download the letter in PDF format: Letter from Geoffrey Clifton-Brown on LPG