The Cotswold Homes magazine

This glossy magazine is a spin off from a popular estate agent. Well worth a read if you get the opportunity. In this Summers edition there are two articles featuring Upper Rissington. Unfortunately, both mention the 20th century architect Sir […]

Officers Mess Complex

The Officers Mess Complex at Upper Rissington is nearing completion. The Main building is called Lutyens Court and the other buildings Godfrey Place. I think we can all say that Linden and Bovis have made an exceptional job of the […]

Officers Mess named Lutyens Court???

Unfortunately, because of misinformation spread by a local estate agents magazine article it would appear the Officers Mess Main building (Phase 6), is going to be called Lutyens Court. Sir Edwin Lutyens categorically did not design this building as mentioned […]

Officers Mess completion imminent!

The completion of the Officers Mess complex is imminent. The landscaping is nearly complete and the front of the main building will be completed in the coming week. Notice the front door surround of the Linden homes are painted grey, […]

Bovis – Officers Mess Sales Office

Bovis have moved their sales office to the Officers Mess from the main Victory Fields site. Checked their website – so far no details of the properties and their prices.   

VF – Linden Officers Mess Pricing

The following information is photographed from the East Wing and Main Buildings sales brochure. Here is an extract from the brochure: RAF Little Rissington fine looking East Wing has been converted and refurbished to provide Victory Fields with 9 terrific […]

A bats life………

Interesting to know that the black slots in the centre two windows are for bats to enter and exit the building. Kind of puts me off! What about you? Bat Conservation Trust.

Officers Mess – Phase 6

The beautiful Officers Mess complex, designed by Archibald Bulloch FRIBA is coming back to life. The East wing has a new roof and is already being divided into the new apartments planned for it. As you can see their are […]

Building 10 Planning Documents (Officers Mess)

New drawings have been proposed in June for the above building conversions. The drawings will be uploaded at the foot of the post. See Link to Planning Portal. This is the accompanying statement: RESUME OF MINOR CHANGES It should be […]

Development Layout of Officers Mess

Thought it maybe beneficial to list the planning application and the layout the developers are working too. See this link: Cotswold Planning Link: 15_05141 When you look at the Main Building there is an awful lot of demolition to be […]

Officers Mess Redevelopment

As we know the mains water was installed two weeks ago by Albion water. Very soon (21st March), the peripheral buildings of the Officers Mess will be demolished before the centre section and wings are refurbished by SpellerMetcalfe. Below are […]

Officers’s Mess Housing

Work has begun on laying the foundations for the new housing that is located at the rear of the old Officers Mess. Unfortunately, this is before the actual Mess has been refurbished.

Officers Mess

  The developers submitted plans to demolish the core of the Officers Mess and rebuild a facsimile of the original building but obviously to modern standards. This proposal was refused at the last planning meeting held at CDC with the […]

“Officers Mess” Newsletter

Below is a link to the Lindens and Bovis plans for the Officers Mess: Lindens & Bovis Officers Mess Newsletter Officers Mess Update Newsletter – October 2014 Further to the general development newsletter issued in respect ofwork at Victory Fields, […]

Thieves back in the Officers Mess

It appears that thieves have been at the Officers Mess again on Monday 🙁 They were taking lead off the roof and were also stripping out wire for the copper. Reland have called the police and are checking the security […]