Upper Rissington 2017 Precept (Council Tax)

Upper Rissington Parish Council have hopefully set the Precept (Upper Rissington Council Tax element) for 2017-18 tax year, which I am positive will be outlined at the next Parish Council Meeting in February. CDC require the figures to calculate our April 2017 – […]

Precept Explained by URPC

Where does OUR money go? Some members of Upper Rissington village asked the URPC to explain the planned Precept rise of 6% this year and the following document was consequently uploaded onto the URPC website in an effort to dispel our worries: Precept […]

URPC Financials – Precept

Here are the financials that have been used by URPC to calculate the increase in your Council Tax contribution for Upper Rissington. In effect an increase from £62,000 to £114,000 precept in 2018/9. The elements that I noticed: Funding for Allotments terminated (was £3,000). Increase […]

Rissington Council Tax rise!

It was revealed at the last Council Meeting that the proposed precept for Upper Rissington Parish (precept is another word for TAX) is 5.9%. This is 6 times the annual inflation rate in 2015 (1.0%). I was not at the […]