School Expansion consultation: 5th June @ 3pm – 6pm.

School Expansion consultation: Drop into Rissington School: 5th June @ 3pm – 6pm. Notice GCC have used my image….link to original release. Release dated: 22 May 2018. Gloucestershire County Council and The Rissington School are consulting on plans to expand […]

School Extension – Change of Stone

Check planning application 17/03823/COMPLY for change of stone used for classroom extension (Agreed). 17_03823_COMPLY–1136652 17_03823_COMPLY-EXISTING___PROPOSED_ELEVATIONS-1121336 17_03823_COMPLY-EXISTING_SITE_PLAN-1121342 17_03823_COMPLY-PROPOSED_GROUND_FLOOR_PLAN-1121337 17_03823_COMPLY-PROPOSED_SITE_PLAN-1121343 17_03823_COMPLY-SAMPLE_STONE_-COTTAGE-_COTSWOLD_VILLAGE-1134951 17_03823_COMPLY-USER_DEFINED_ATTACHMENT-1121344

Rissington School Expansion

It has been revealed that Rissington school will be expanded by one classroom, which will be complete by February 2018. This information came to light when researching what is happening to the Nursery that was begun a few months ago (information came from […]

Do people move to UR because of the school?

Are people moving to Upper Rissington because of the Rissington School link? I would think so, the league table and reports all speak for themselves. The Rissington School headed by Liz Bannister is doing a great job in the community. […]

Rissington School update.

The following is from the Great Rissington School January Newsletter (written by the Headmaster). Click here for the full version. I attended a meeting with the contractors this morning who have confirmed that the new school build is on target […]