Bovis and Linden Properties for sale @ UR

Linden Homes do not have any homes for sale at Upper Rissington. See this link. Bovis Homes have five left for sale. One each in Spitfire Place (Building 41) and Valiant House (Building 42) and three in the West Wing. […]

Victory Fields looking smart!

Managed some general pictures of VF today after the grass has been cut. Interesting, to note 99% of the tarmac is complete, including pathways. Most Heras fencing has been removed. Next week I will take some of the older part […]

The Original Gladedale application of 2011

The documents submitted are in relation to the following conditions; All conditions include have comprehensive info in PDF format – click the links. Condition 5 – Phasing Plan The indicative masterplan layout has been removed from the formal submission Phasing […]

POS – a positive from CDC

Below is a document that appeared on the planning portal for application number 04/17_04151_FUL on the 3rd April 2018. On-Site Link. There are some real positives in this document. Just a quick read and you see that Deborah Smith, is […]

Victory Fields – Completion…

I sent this email yesterday to Nigel Gasston, Supriya Ray, Nigel Moor, Mark Mackenzie Charrington and Deborah Smith – the only response I have received was from Nigel Moor. I did not ask all the questions on my mind – […]

UR Walkabout – 3 April 2018

UR – 3 April 2018 Walkabout The attenuation pond is awaiting its liner. It can only be done once the pond is empty. The location of the Calor tanks is on the South East of the site. Unfortunately, there is […]

UR Land Survey by Merebrook – Ref:17/04151/FUL

Variation of condition 1 of reserved matters permission dated 23/01/2013 to provide detailed plans and sections of open space provision and to provide amended plans for hard surfacing and planting: Click here for the CDC link. The files below have […]

Village Walkabout – 28 Jan 18

Main Points: Harris Gardens – leaves cleaned. Barrington Road – hedge cut and verges trimmed. Proctor / Slingsby / Sparrow / Mitchell – raised tables. Lutyens Court – named and tidied. Nursery – work restarted. Spitfire and Valiant – being […]

VF – Public Open Space – CDC Portal – Oct ’17 (Amended Dec ’17)

Public Open Space – Play Areas / Trim Trail – Planning Application: 17/04151/FUL from this website link. Please make your comments by 16th November 2017. You can discuss this topic in more detail here. Covering Letter 17_04151_FUL-COVERING_LETTER-1134549 17_04151_FUL-PLAYSPACE_OVERVIEW-1133010 17_04151_FUL-TRIM_TRAIL-1132972 17_04151_FUL-LEAP_01_-_COUNTRY_PARK-1132966 […]

The VF – Community Infrastructure Levy

Below is an article from the Wilts and Standard On-in News. The gist is that the developer is upset about an anonymous letter whistle blowing their Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL). The backlash against the CIL underlines the degree of mistrust […]

The Wellington Road debacle?

I am very familiar with Wellington Road, and the change of access to it has been in progress for nearly 4 years. Yes, you read correct 4 years. Last week the pathway laid recently was dug up, because whoever organised […]

South Field: Wild Flowers / Dump / Sports Pitch

EDIT: 7 June 2018 The three files below have just appeared on the CDC Planning Portal, after a request by Sir Geoffrey Clifton – Brown MP. They have not used the company that was requested to do this. After soil […]

Street Lights & Paths

EMG are busy digging up roads to lay electricity cables to the lights they installed within the last three years. Sometimes you may be fortunate in that the road top surface has not been laid, sometimes not. There is also […]

Wash Up from meeting on 3rd Nov with local MP

Here is the link to the Audio File covering the whole meeting. Also please read in conjunction with the Agenda Meeting post. Photograph: L to R. Mark Mackenzie-Charrington, Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP, Nigel Moor. Geoffrey Clifton-Brown MP said there will be […]

UR – Walkabout – 20 Oct 17

Todays Gallery – shows Hart Close with its new Tarmac. Barrington Road Bollards removed with traffic lights. Trenches cut for utilities to the phone mast. Overall, a little more progress, each day.

Public meeting with CDC and Bovis / Linden – 28 Sep

There is an extremely important meeting to be held in the Village Hall on the 28th September. Time: 18:30 to 20:30 Representatives of Cotswold District Council, Bovis Homes and Linden Homes will discus many topics. Nigel Moor has kindly allowed […]

UR Residents Update – Uniting the Village

The flyer is from the Residents Unite Group. It explains how they want the Village to go forward. I believe there are volunteers distributing a hard copy at this time and simultaneously asking you to sign a signature sheet. UR […]

Stone, not Brick or Render (VF)

Elsewhere, there is a post regarding Bovis homes at Upper Rissington not having stone walls as depicted on the plans below. Thankfully Bovis have acknowledged this and are offering to correct the situation for the interested owners. You all have […]