Tarmac Prospectors

Would appear that the site contractors are prospecting for Tarmac in the area between Mitchell Way and Wellington Road and they have struck it rich. 🙂 Notice the chain link fence in the area that has never been removed (this was the site of an electrical sub-station for RAF LR).

The Plans for the area – once cleared. URPC and others have mentioned to planning that they do not want the Hoggin Paths.

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9 thoughts on “Tarmac Prospectors

  1. That is old Tarmac, now known as AWCCT! With a bit of luck it will be taken away and tested! Watch this space to see what happens next!

  2. Had a chat to Jim Fowler yesterday who admits he cleaned the site of all contamination when he was here before! I asked him what AWCCT was and of course he had no clue so I did not bother to ask him to describe ACM because we all know he missed that as we have the pictures and sample to prove it but herein lies the tale of why we have a problem! No one has a clue what they are doing!

  3. So what about the whole apron that was drilled for drainage and covered with dirt (note I didn’t say soil) in between the air field and the houses, surely this is old tarmac as well, with asphalt waste containing coal tar (AWCCT)?

    1. I note in the report he talks about the ‘concrete’ apron but there are parts that had tarmac, I had a quick look at photo’s I took back in March 2017.

  4. Since when does water drain through concrete and those holes were not enough to perform that function anyway! The whole thing is nothing more than a sick joke!

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