Tennis Courts – anyone have any updates?

The tennis court refurbishment seems to have come to a complete halt. We were led to believe there was a killing period of two months for the weeds before work could start on the tarmac, however this period has come and gone (nearly 3 months have elapsed).

Does anyone have any news when work will restart again? Maybe, the costings were higher than expected.

Pictures: 13 August 2018

Tennis Court Refurbishment

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12 thoughts on “Tennis Courts – anyone have any updates?

  1. Your pictures from August show how the tennis courts look right now 🙁

    No idea why the work on them suddenly stopped but we could guess.

  2. David, Bovis left site and I just heard the site manager is back part time doing snags remediation up at the Officers mess! I have some good news though, Frank Wilson the CEO of Publica is coming for a walk about on Monday afternoon OCTOBER 1st 2018. He is filling in for Deborah Smith who refused to come here! He will be accompanied by members of the defunct URCLG, including MMC , BH and DL so perhaps you can collar them for some dates on delivery of the POS ?

  3. Mike, it was Jerry who was asking after the tennis courts, I was just letting him know it’s not even close to being ready!

    The work on the tennis courts stopped long before the ‘walk out’ of the whole development site.

  4. Jerry, Nigel Moor coined the phrase “failed URCLG” at the July URPC and David Oliver has written to our MP asking why he has let that happen! MMC is busy trying to revive it with BH and DL representing the URPC so call it whatever you like! The work on the tennis courts stopped while they waited for weed killer to take effect Then they walked off site! Mere details in a trail of ineptitude and failed promises! At least we have got it confirmed that the sewage plant has been adopted by Albion back in 2014, so if you listen to your recording of the July URPC meeting ýou will have the ineptitude confirmed beyond any doubt!

  5. Dawn Laird and Brian Hanks – you have to be kidding. They have no interest in the village at all. They need to get themselves a real job.

    Just uploading the last PC meeting and that is the slowest most unprofessional meeting have heard in many a year.

  6. Now Jerry, ask Margaret about the pond? Why are 3 gates being put in now behind the Heras fencing supposedly to be taken down after the pond has been completed? Then go to the Oxford English dictionary for the definition of gate! The pond has been removed from the POS altogether! Deborah Smith confirms categorically that the plans recently uploaded will be passed in November! All this is in writing and Margaret has most of the emails in her possession. Stop worrying unnecessarily about the Tennis courts look at the big picture and start asking the important questions!

  7. Mike you are doing it again – telling me what I should be doing. Can’t teach an old dog new tricks. 🙂 The tennis courts are one aspect of the whole development. I wanted to know what the progress was. David has told me, its all part of the big picture.

  8. Jerry, it’s minutae, nothing has happened on the tennis courts as TLC is a Bovis sub contractor. The pond is current! What about the Bowling Green?

  9. According to the work schedule published on the POS planning portal the tennis courts were supposed to have begun refurbishment in January 2019. Am I missing something, I see no one working.

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