The 15th August PC meeting was unconstitutional!

The 15th August extraordinary meeting did not have chairman elected, yet I believe Amos Peek assumed the role. However, I did notice that the clerk always looked for reassurance of a statement to Cllr Hanks and no one else, so was Cllr Hanks the chair?

Click here for the: Agenda – 15th August.

Below is the exact transcript from the previous meeting held on the 8th August 2018 where Amos Peek was voted as the Chairman for ONE time only. The video recording was started after this motion was carried unfortunately, however we do have the audio recording (which I will upload later today). The meeting on the 15th August did not include an Agenda item to elect a Chair and as no chair was elected I can only assume the meeting was unconstitutional and therefore void. Nigel Adams has confirmed that at each meeting, whether an extraordinary or a normal meeting a Chairperson should be elected.

Transcript from the 8th August 2018 PC Meeting.

Amos Peek  “Election of Chairman”
Wittering:  including Brian Hanks mentioning do we want to elect a permanent chair?
Amos Peek “So, anybody propose the Election of Chairman for the meeting”
Dawn Laird  “Can I propose you Amos?”
Amos Peek “Oh, thank you”
Dawn Laird “Anybody else want to do it?”
Brian Hanks “I second that”
Matt Barley “I second that”
Amos PeekFor this one time only”
Pauline Rigby “Asks for a show of hands”
Matt Barley ”Just for tonight the Chairman”

This situation of no Chairman has occurred because both the previous Chairman (Marc Buffrey) and Vice Chairman (Martin Johnstone) have resigned and we are back to the dark days of a no Chairman council.

This is an extract from the Good Councillors Guide:

“The Chairman of the council is entitled to attend, and, if present, he or she must preside over the meeting. If the Chairman is absent, the Vice-Chairman if present must preside. If the Chairman and Vice-Chairman are absent, the meeting will appoint a person to Chair the meeting. The appointed Chairman will have the usual powers and authority of Chairman and has a casting vote in addition to his own vote”.

Good Council Guide Page 18

Your local council also has a duty to ensure that all the rules for the administration of the council are followed. The council must:
• appoint a chairman of the council

Chairman Requirements?

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  1. Why still talk of a Wild Flower meadow on the South Field! The Dec 2016 unapproved planned landscaping has been dropped by LinBo and there are numerous letters in circulation from both LinBo MD’s confirming full implementation of the approved 2013 landscaping proposals? Is this yet another example of CDC ignoring the wishes of the residents as voted for on September 28th 2017. Perhaps it is an example of the NDP team attempting to cause more confusion!

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