Neighbourhood Development Plan – 1 March 2017 (Meet)

The village has a fantastic new initiative that hopes to get off the ground formerly on 1st March 2017.

The Meeting will be held in the UR Village Hall on 1st March 2017 at 19:30.

Please come along and get involved with the future of the village. We will hear how to do set up a Neighbourhood Development Plan from GRCC, and look to form a working group to lead the process and start collecting ideas for the future of Upper Rissington.

Follow this LINK for previous Parish Plans.

Click to download the Upper Rissington Neighbourhood Development Plan flyer, kindly provided by Andrew Maclean.


9 thoughts on “Neighbourhood Development Plan – 1 March 2017 (Meet)

  1. The plan is called The Neighbourhood Development Plan which is about protecting our green open spaces, something that is lead and done by the community, volunteers helping to develop this plan.

    When Bovis and Lindin leave, we don’t want more or the same developers coming back in years to come, to build on all the green bits we have left. This is what the plan is about, protecting those green areas that are important our village.

    There are several web sites that have more in-depth detail, here’s one:

  2. Looks as though you are involved already David?

    Yes, I saw the titling – but until I know more I titled accordingly.

    On the assumption Andrew Maclean is involved I have e-mailed him for more information for post 1.

    1. Too much going on for me to get involved but people are getting confused; Andrew needs to give more detail before the event.

  3. An amazing turn out tonight.

    I think most people feel as though it was a way to control Linden-Bovis. It was clear though that by the time the Neighbourhood Development Plan is in place the developers will have gone.

    I still think its a very worthwhile idea and certainly worthy of our support as we maybe able to control future development.

    Locality Website

  4. O good, I couldn’t go but glad to hear of an amazing turn out.

    I got the same impression on FB, that people thought it was about our current developers. If we don’t protect our village and other villages do, we could be at higher risk of further development down the line.

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