UR – the “Forgotten Village”

The Forgotten Village or is it the Green, Green Grass of Home?

I have just arrived in the village and cannot believe how long the grass is. I was brought up on a farm and it won’t be long before this grass can be used for silage or hay. 🙂 It appears that it has not been cut for nearly 2 months (the last time I was in the village) and its the longest I have ever seen grass in our village? I had hoped URPC could have managed this small task and they cannot be financially broke as they have the highest precept in the Cotswold region.

I do realise the meadow flowers are pretty, but that doesn’t mean the village should not be maintained.

I believe Cllr Laird in 2015 was responsible for supervising the grass cutting team, has anything changed? I will drop a line to the URPC and if I get an update will post here.

13 thoughts on “UR – the “Forgotten Village”

  1. I emailed the Clerk re the grass around the village and received the following reply this morning.

    Clerk: West Oxon range me back yesterday afternoon and they said that they will be cutting today and finishing off anything not done today, next week.

    It is a shame the council have to keep chasing this matter.

  2. You didn’t come up to the Play Park, this was cut yesterday. All those lovely buttercups gone 🙁

  3. I didn’t and I agree David, there are areas where wild flowers could be left. Road sides, communal areas and sports areas are the priority.

  4. David I’m sure you would love all the weeds in your garden 😀 Maybe we might get voted scruffy village of the cotswold.

    Sorry for being negative but that’s how it seems very unkept.

    1. In the right place they’re ok.

      Creeping buttercup (Ranunculus repens) is a perennial weed particularly troublesome in moister soils where it grows strongly and roots deeply. It can be found in lawns, borders and bare soil areas.

  5. I agree with what people are saying on FB, the grass is now so long, that when cut you’ll end up with large wods of cut grass, evident in the Play Park. It should be collected this cut.

  6. URPC have responded by announcing a grass cutting schedule, on a 2 1/2 week cycle.

    I believe the Grass is long again. The rigid 2.5 week plan is no good in the growing season. May & June are the growing months. Later in the year you can go to a longer schedule. Flexibility is the key.

  7. No the grass has not been cut.

    Yet again the Clerk will have to chase.

    I have to say the football pitch due to being used they could leave but cut the rest around that area.

  8. I believe that our grass cutters (WODC) have yet again failed to mow the grass in the village in the allocated time. I just don’t understand why our councillors don’t notice this and notify the Clerk about the failure of WODC to cut grass at the required interval.

    The councillors seem to take great pleasure in letting our lovely village look a mess. If I was them I would stand down and let someone who cares become a councillor.

  9. Well it looks like my assumption about the way B.Hanks and D.Laird feel about our village is correct, as they have said to Karen Milroy that as of next year many areas will not be cut. Neither will trees or hedges be trimmed.

    Karen confirmed this on Monday’s night council meeting.

    Meanwhile, we must have the largest bank balance of any village in the Cotswold region. £180,000.

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