The Natural Gas Debacle

The homes are going up round the Officers Mess, which itself is being refurbished but will they be on natural gas?

Well, we know the new village hall is on natural gas and a new gas pipe was laid from the south, going under Smith Barry Road and on to the Officers Mess.



Is this natural gas coming from
the new part of our village?








But doesn’t this mean there is now a mix of natural gas and LPG pipes in the ground, which must cross each other. But hang on, wasn’t this one of the reasons we were told why natural gas couldn’t be brought to the older part of the village; it could only happen if all houses converted to natural gas, so this mix of different gas pipes didn’t happen.



Is this old and new gas pipes at the top north west corner of the Officers Mess, next to Hawker Square?





Hmmm, sounds like we were lead down the garden pipe on this one!

Now the sales office is open for the Officers Mess and the new houses round it. Would be interesting to ask the question: are they on natural gas?

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  1. An interesting can of worms.

    I think we can all assume that the new builds are getting Natural Gas. If this is the case, then there isn’t ANY excuse that means the older elements of the village can’t get it.

    The feedback from Hawker Sq according to the builder is that they are waiting for a LPG to install. Really? Why would you do that if you have mains LPG from the Old hall site. Need to contact the seller, seller website says Gas Central Heating (no further description).

    Need to ask the sales office for the Officers Mess complex for info there.

  2. Good spot. Would be interesting to hear what the officials say on this after saying no to the many for the reasons stated but yes if you have enough money (developers).

  3. In the good old days the Gas Board provided both Gas and the pipes it travels through. Since the Government decided to remove the Gas monopoly, and introduce competition to “reduce” prices, the pipework is now like “Railtrack” where the provider gets no return from the product using it. The provision of “Utilities” to new developments has become a rip-off industry making exorbitant profits (typically 60-70%) for connecting the essential services. This can be absorbed into new developments, but in order to connect existing properties the rip-off starts to become apparent so they lie through their teeth in an attempt to justify the costs. In older towns, utility pipes and cables crisscross all over the place!

    Another interesting fact is that the original LPG gas pipe must have been re-routed as it its path was directly through the VF development.

  4. As we guessed the new houses in the Officers Mess complex are Mains gas. Haven’t clarified whether the Officers mess is yet, but it has to be.

    In short this means new gas has encroached into the old part of the village.

    I agree with David, we have been misled.

    If I lived in Hawker Square, I would demand that the pipe connects to the original housing.

  5. Unfortunately, according to a Gas Consultant, the gas supply delivered to the village does not have the capacity to feed all the properties.

    I believe the minimum depth is 18 inches.

  6. Well I spoke this week to the very RUDE Kate Holding who if any one remembers came to the village hall in the early stage to give a talk. Her voice mail said please leave a nice message after my conversation with her I put the phone down unbilivable she was.

    She went onto tell me that she had given a price for gas connection and that the village was not interested I don’t remember any concrete prices given and that we would need 100% take up.

    Given they have sold a chunk of the Gas to a development I can only assume the homes on Sandy Lane side for the new build has left me speechless.

    I feel we have been let down very badly as all paperwork states, that the upgrade of Water, BT and Gas would be supplied to both the exsisting and new development. They have brought the mains Gas to Upper Rissington so we should have been connected.

  7. It may be a long shot but it could be worth you contacting national grid gas distribution, sometimes they take on community causes as it is good pr for them. They recently split from the main national grid business and will be trying to establish the brand etc. They are now based in Coventry. Chief exec is Chris Train

  8. The MP wasn’t much use!
    I have tried National Grid and virtually everyone else. It all fits into the too difficult category, Unless they can make a vast profit out of the connection, there is nothing it it for them in the long term.

    SSE who own the Gas Box, told me there is no gas in the village and that it was an Electric box.
    At least in the days of Monopolies, you could actually get something done!

  9. The new bungalows in Hawker Square are using LPG.

    It was revealed that the Calor distribution system including tanks require some refurbishment. Calor are actually holding off as they expected residents to switch to Natural Gas.

    However, this is unlikely as residents do not want to invest a small sum to save a fortune. Remembering many older residents (over 70) and those on benefits would pay nothing.

    A sad state of affairs. I think this matter is now closed, unless any one can whip up some enthusiasm to canvass villagers.

    1. “….residents do not want to invest a small sum…”

      Wasn’t it £5000 investment – I wouldn’t call that small or has the figure changed again.

      Looking over our last two years of Calor Gas bills, we’ve paid Calor a total, over the last two years, of just under £230. So taking prices as there are now, it would take us 43 years to get back just the £5000, not talking about paying for the natural gas as well.

      Mine might be an extreme example but what about others who just don’t have thousands of £ around to invest, even though it would save them money after 5/10/15 years.

      With these sort of figures each house would need to ‘invest’, as you say, it’s just not going to happen.

  10. Surely it would be in Calor’s interest to talk to a utilities company and transfer everything over exactly as the GSC had intended to, rather than invest in refurbishing an old system and leaving the eyesore of the gas tanks at the end of Victory Fields. Can’t anyone do anything in this country any more?

  11. The £5000 was the initial quote David. It did drop – but the amount was variable. You are the lucky paying that little for Gas over two years, our invoice will be more like £3600.

    Mike / David I agree – maybe worth contacting Calor.

  12. I wrote again to Mr Clifton Brown re something in Wales & West Warmer Homes broucher page 3 which I felt applies to upper Rissington and that as we are outside Wales we are being dicriminated.

    Dear Mrs Flint


    Geoffrey has asked me to thank you for your emails updating him on the case for connecting homes to the mains gas network locally.

    To be of assistance, Geoffrey is approaching the Minister of State for Energy, Baroness Neville-Rolfe DBE CMG, asking her to review the situation afresh to see what obligations currently exist and what financial help might now be available.

    Just as soon as a reply is to hand then you will of course be contacted.

    I hope this is helpful.

    Yours sincerely

    Paul Morgan

    Office of:

    Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, F.R.I.C.S. M.P.

    Member of Parliament for The Cotswolds
    T: 020 7219 5043

  13. David, Paul sent the reply on the 27/1/17

    Yesterday, I also sent 3 examples from property’s for sale; the energy efficient boxes showing that some homes are Not Efficient at UR.

    Will let you all know what I get back.

  14. Sadly, the only reply you are likely to get from these people is more wind and waffle, not the right sort of gas! Whatever they might say, they have zero influence over those who can connect or rather install new pipes, and they only react to money! A “Gas Consultant” recently stated that the gas main from Bourton is not large enough to supply the entire village, so one can safely say it was never the developer’s intention to supply the whole village from the outset, whatever they might have claimed.

  15. When I first started on this matter out of all the 28 homes classed as 1st phase Wellington Rd area there were 3 people who were not prepared to pay the monies needed to have the gas installed, hence the failure to proceed. A shame but that’s fact.

    Since then we discovered that we did not need 100% take up as the Gas consultant lady had advised. Calor could of been capped off at two points to enable connection and Calor were happy to work alongside the provider to enable this to happen.

    Furthermore, many people would of been able to have Gas connected FOC due to certain criteria.

    1. I know that this has been revisited by Max and another two residents. They are on the case. I hope the majority of Blenheim and Lancaster Drive + Wellington Road are still up for it.

      I might canvass the owners when we know a little more.

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