The Secret Six Society or “SSS” – PC Meeting

This must be the first meeting in nearly 5 years that the public has not been notified of a Parish Council meeting via the URPC website. This meeting was an extraordinary meeting and every effort should have been made to advertise the fact. The acting clerk placed the Agenda on the Coop Notice board, which is a very unusual thing to do for this council (normally this is not done) and this appears to be the only advertising method used.

The content of the Agenda was very important to the village, people should have been notified by the URPC website, especially as it was an unscheduled extraordinary meeting dealing with a very serious matter and public funds. Communication is very easy to conduct these days by many means: social media, e-mail and websites.

In this day and age someone other than the full time Clerk (Debbie Hill – away on vacation) has the ability to upload documents to the URPC website? Furthermore, I have asked for the Agenda/Minutes file to be sent to me in the past, if this had been done we could have spread the word.


P C Meeting




3 thoughts on “The Secret Six Society or “SSS” – PC Meeting

  1. There is absolutely nothing on any website re this meeting.

    Also the question been asked on FB too but no feedback at all.

  2. Just wanted to say, that if your not internet savvy, it could be difficult to advertise a meeting on a website. I have asked the Clerk to send me the Minutes and Agendas to help if I can.

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