The Village Hall

Today after attending the Council Meeting last night, I decided to take some pictures of the Village Hall.

It is a fantastic resource for all the clubs that use it and I’m sure they are pleased of such a place and as a consequence someone should undertake to take care of it (maybe they have – but if they have they need to do the job.

The pictures attached are of just the outside. The section I saw last night (old Bar), needs sorting too.

6 thoughts on “The Village Hall

  1. Was mentioned at the meeting trouble is they will not go forward with help and ideas

    Sit on the fence and don’t make positive decisions sham really or don’t like parting with PC funds.

    They did have a letter from three girls who asked if they would supply bits to do litter picking around the area this will be looked into. Well done those three girls.

  2. I am very proud to be the mother of one of those girls, who are only 9 and 10. I think the District Council rep offered to find protective equipment for them.
    Like others I pick up broken glass and dangerous litter when I come across it, but perhaps more people would be motivated to help if the council had a bin fit for purpose we could use. Most household bins do not have the spare capacity. What are the chances?

  3. I know the council organise a litter picking day each year when the weather (hopefully) is a bit better but that sounds a great idea that there should be somewhere for those interested in our community who pick litter, to be able to put it somewhere.

    Looks like we’ve got another item for the next council meeting 🙂

  4. We are out most weekends picking up rubbish around the area and if you email the council they will collect the bags from road side.

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