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Original Description (before 2012).

Upper Rissington is a small, relatively new village which developed as a military support settlement on the edge of Little Rissington air base. In contrast to the other Rissingtons, which are passed through, Upper Rissington is passed by.

It has no perceptible central focus, recognisable (Cotswold) character or sense of place. The centre is visually dominated by the derelict Officers’ Mess building and an orthogonal grid and cul-de-sac street pattern that is detached from the adjacent main road and traditional highway (thoroughfare) network, have established a less orthodox village character. It is a much younger village than its name sake neighbours, and the influence of the historic military air base vernacular provides it with a unique identity in the context of the Cotswolds.

Much of the northern half of the village is comprised of typical 1930’s housing that was built as officers’, service men and support staff quarters clustered around associated military amenity buildings such as the prominent Officers’ Mess. By contrast, the southern half of the village comprises a range of military function and support buildings from large hangers to workshops and storage buildings to medical and catering facilities, the majority of which have been converted to business premises of various types. There is a small village shop and a community hall together with several large informal open spaces, however these facilities are located at various positions around the village, and as such, do not provide the same ‘heart’ as, and / or Cotswold character as, the other villages that form “The Rissingtons”.

In 2012 Linden and Bovis acquired the technical site and began development by demolishing the majority of the RAF support buildings, including 4 huge C-type hangars. The final solution is to provide 368 new homes, including affordable homes. The site compromises, new builds and conversions of existing buildings including the Officers Mess. Bovis and Linden have built a new school which is part of the very successful and highly respected Great Rissington School. They have also built a new Village Hall, which albeit finished is not yet available for use. They are also plans to provide, sports facilities, play parks, a new Village Square comprising 5 retail units, a gym and a business park.