Pre-School (Revised Option)

The plans are passed and are for perusal: CLICK THIS LINK.

I am pleased to report that the Rissington pre-school building is complete on the Upper Rissington site. I am sure it will be a very useful addition to the school.

The only point I would like to make is that when this was announced by Cllr Mark Mackenzie-Charrington it was as a substitute for the original nursery planned near the Mitchell Way roundabout it was to be a village nursery. He also said it was part off an offset for the 24 houses that were in the planning stages on Delfin Way.

Since then, Gloucestershire County financed the completion of the building and not LinBo, as the original contractor went into liquidation.

Therefore, the original plans for a village nursery have not been met, which is sad. A reminder, the original village did have a nursery running in building 43, in short the village has doubled in size and this facility is now lost.

Link to the original news on this topic.

Click here for Original Nursery Plans.

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