UR Proposal – 2008

This information is all on the Green Issues Site by Gladedale and refers to the “new” development planned for 2011 and the forthcoming years. Just in case Green Issues deleted the information I have saved it for this site.

They are all PDF files. Minor detail changes have occurred since the plans were submitted for acceptance in 2009. However, the background information is still very relevant today. The huge file with 215 pages labelled Design – Access and Background information is especially informative.

One thought on “UR Proposal – 2008

  1. I had wanted to use the latest information from Simon Cocks (Gladedale) for this section. Hopefully, I’ll be able to get them when the plans are uploaded to the Gloucestershire County Council Site – however in the meantime I shall add the comprehensive suite of PDF files available from the Green Issues site.

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