Gladedale 2011 – Submission

The documents submitted are in relation to the following conditions;

All conditions include have comprehensive info in PDF format – click the links.

Condition 5 – Phasing Plan
The indicative masterplan layout has been removed from the formal submission Phasing Plan in order that approval of the Phasing Plan does not constitute approval of any implied layout. Enclosed with the Phasing Plan are 3 additional plans for information, which show how the phasing relates to the indicative masterplan, the existing buildings proposed for demolition and the buildings we have identified for advanced demolition later this year.


Conditions 6 and 7 – Landscape, Ecological and Arboricultural Management Plan
This is a comprehensive document that relates to a number of conditions. The document itself seeks to establish a landscape, ecological and arboricultural framework for the site, within which phase specific LEAMPS will evolve. It also includes the woodland and boundary structure planting strategy as required by Condition 7.


Condition 15 – Arboricultural Method Statement
This document has been produced to clear condition 15 in relation to the advanced demolition works only. A full Arboricultural Implications Assessment and Arboricultural Method Statement is being produced in relation to the roundabout and junction access works and Phase 1 of the new spine road, which will accompany the formal submission later this year.


Condition 20 – Energy and Sustainability Strategy
This document sets out the principles of the site’s energy and sustainability strategy. In line with the governments agenda of achieving ‘zero carbon’ by 2016 we have concentrated on improvements to the building fabric in order to achieve the necessary CfSH and BREEAM requirements.


Condition 25 – Contamination Investigation. Remediation and Management
This is a framework document that will set out the principles by which future phase specific site investigations, contamination remediation and long term management will be undertaken. It also includes a detailed review of all the site information which is available to date. It is important that we have an approved framework document to allow a coordinated approach to the phase specific contamination remediation strategies on the site.
An initial meeting has been held with the Environment Agency and their requirements are set out in the Global Remediation Strategy.


Condition 31 – Access Roundabout and Junction Layout
Enclosed is a copy of the Section 278 Application to the County Council for the access roundabout and junction works which includes the Stage 1 Road Safety Audit. The County Council are shortly to respond with an approval to these drawings, which will allow a Stage 2 Road Safety Audit to be completed. There are over 20 PDF’s – two only shown.


Condition 33 – Wheelwash Facilities
This plan sets out our proposals for Wheelwash facilities on the initial phase of the site. It will be amended and submitted for reapproval as development progresses.


Condition 34 – Estate Roads Layout
Enclosed is a copy of the Section 38 Application to the County Council for the first stage of the proposed estate roads. Although the Section 38 Application goes further than the first phase of the estate roads we have, as requested, only submitted the first stage at this time in order that the District Council is not committing itself to any perceived detailed layout.

8 thoughts on “Gladedale 2011 – Submission

  1. After uploading all the files except for all those regarding Condition 21, I’m somewhat confused with the Wellington Road closure plan. Don’t understand why the straight spur is there – can anyone shed any light on this? Link to my Question.

  2. Are you referring to the spur that goes south west?

    Will this not service the new Co-Op which is in the gap between this spur and the new road.

  3. New houses in the space created by changing the layout of Wellington Road and where the new Coop will be built?

    Further retail units, if the demand is there?

  4. There’s quite a few trees already marked for the chop for the new road (shown on one of the drawings).

    I noticed on another drawing that one side of the spur road (the NW side) will have footpath/cycleway the other will be grass verge.

  5. Well trolling around and found this
    This is the head of Gladedale Neil Fitzsimmons,

    Gladedale hit by £78m loss after crisis fix

    Tuesday 31st August 2010, 1:17am
    BRITAIN’S largest private housebuilder crashed to a £78m loss last year as a debt-for-equity swap and a group restructuring piled costs onto its struggling balance sheet.

    The Gladedale Group, whose projects include the luxury Quartermile housing development in Edinburgh, fell heavily into the red after a huge overhaul in the autumn that wiped out its founder’s shareholding. The news comes as fears grow of a second nosedive for the cornerstone construction industry. Economists are bracing themselves for a slump in second quarter new orders on Friday.

    Epsom-based Gladedale lost £78.4m between 10 August and 31 December 2009, accounts filed at Companies House reveal. The company generated revenues of £360m but was pushed into negative territory by interest payments on its debt and charges relating to a reorganisation that included the resurrection of its former housing brand, Bett Homes.

    Last September, covenant breaches by several of its subsidiaries forced Gladedale to hand lender Lloyds Banking Group a 30 per cent equity stake in return for writing off £533m of loans. Founder Remo Dipre, who quit Gladedale in April 2009, saw his shareholding in the company knocked out as a result.

    The debt-for-equity swap was followed by management turmoil. Chief executive David Gaffney was replaced by Neil Fitzsimmons, the ex-boss of publicly listed housebuilder Redrow. Another former Redrow man, Alan Bowkett, replaced Dipre as chairman while Colin Lewis joined as chief operating officer.

    Gladedale still had £569m of net debt at the end of 2009, all of it held by Lloyds. In accounts, the company’s directors said: “Although the group is financially secure following the recent restructuring, the group’s ability to comply with its banking covenants continues to represent a key risk to the business.”

  6. Good find Max 🙂

    Interesting read but I bet a lot of the housing/construction industry isn’t doing very well. More concerning is the current economic climate and will it stop this project moving forward. I suppose the test will be if they start building the new access road and start the sewerage work.

    The demolition will at least be saving Gladedale money as apparently they were paying rates on the empty buildings.

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