Pictorial Phase Diagram & Demolition

3 thoughts on “Pictorial Phase Diagram & Demolition

  1. I thought the Officers Mess Boiler House and Squash Court were missed, but they are included elsewhere. The demolished buildings should improve the site as many are falling into severe disrepair.

  2. The boiler house by the squash court is easily accessed, as there is a missing fence and an entrance way broken open.

    I’ve also noticed at the MT yard, a fence has been pushed apart and you could now squeeze through. Also one door outside the fencing, the door has been forced open; there isn’t much in the single room, an old office perhaps.

  3. The Demolition has progressed well, I believe there are two more building to be demolished plus the Annex adjacent to the old Tower. Interesting that the Foundations have been left. Guess the priority was to save Council Tax and prepare the site. Strange though as they will require removal at some point.

    Was pleased to see the beginning of the removal of the RUBBLE pile near the old MT yard had begun – seems to have stopped again though. What will happen I wonder to the rubbish spoils in the short term?

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