Contamination Survey – 2011

Date: Routine survey completed in 2011 before the Victory Fields development began.

The PDF documents associated with the Contamination Investigation, Remediation and Management of the site are very informative. In an effort to improve the understanding of the site contractors have been boring holes and taking site samples this month.

Contamination and Remediation Strategy
Global Remediation Strategy

3 thoughts on “Contamination Survey – 2011

  1. Info from Nicholas Mason (Parish Clerk) and Paul Pratley of Gladedale.

    At present there are two drilling rigs on site which are currently drilling about 20 bore holes over the whole site including the village, the last trial hole in the village should be carried out tomorrow (15th April) and will be in the grass verge in Sopwith Road.

    Also we are expecting the trial pits to start over the whole site within the next few days, there will be approximately 350 of these required and some will need to be on the field in front of the Village Hall and adjacent to the Officers Mess. Disruption will be kept to a minimum and all trial pits will be reinstated.

  2. As we know Contamination has been found in the soils of UR. CDC plan to appoint an independent inspector to examine the soil, hopefully before the planning meeting on 28 September 2017.

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