The Vikings invade UR!

637 Volunteer Gliding Squadron are to be begin gliding this month with their Viking T Mk 1’s. The Facebook group kindly let me repost their pictures from their site. Click here for more information from 637 Sqn.

7 thoughts on “The Vikings invade UR!

  1. Ironically, this is a totally unsuitable aerodrome for their operation. Ideally they should be on a flat surface so that the glider and winch can see each other, Little Rissington is on the top of a hill so they are out of sight making signalling difficult. The grass area is not clear of obstacles with the auto-triangulation antenna in the middle, so vulnerable to be hit by a falling winch cable or at worst a landing glider!

    Before they fly cadets they need to train a lot of instructors as most of the Vigilant pilots will not be glider pilots. You can’t take someone from a motor boat and put them in a yacht!

    1. The gliders were out yesterday 🙂 They looked like they were just using one of the winches which has two lines.
      Glider being winched up 11th March 2017

  2. Good picture David. Has has just set me a message and said you were out today taking more. She sent a few pictures but they were a little distant.

  3. David would have good Pics. Maybe next time I take your camera out just a bit big to lug about 🙂

    Thanks David

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