4 out of 11 PC Meetings CX – Co-Option Needed!

This year to date, Upper Rissington Parish Council have scheduled ten Parish Council Meetings and one Annual Meeting of the Parish and only four have taken place. YES FOUR out of ELEVEN. Amended 28th April to reflect the latest cancellations.

There are important Agenda items to be addressed and our government representatives fail to carry out their responsibilities by not attending.

If they can’t attend Parish Council Meetings then clearly they should not be councillors.

If they have any kind of conscience then they should consider their position and only then will this council work, when they are replaced with people who have the village interests at heart.

10 thoughts on “4 out of 11 PC Meetings CX – Co-Option Needed!

  1. Wasn’t the main agenda item and why the extraordinary meeting was on 27th Feb, was to set the budget and precept – which they failed to do and the precept has now been set by CDC, as the PC missed the deadline! And the PC still haven’t agreed a budget!!

    So, effectively a failed meeting.

    One has to ask if some Councillors see their role as purely bureaucratic, which must be adhered to down to the minutia, forgetting the reason why they are there in the first place, i.e. to support and improve our village, and that there just aren’t unlimited resources to deal with such minutia. I know government wheels turn slowly but burying them in so much minutia, nothing is moving.

    I wonder who will leave next?

  2. Agree – totally. It’s a shame that this is happening.

    I forsee, the “duo” will cause the remaining councillors to leave and maybe this is what they want. I saw Jason Corban’s frustrations in his facial expressions at the last meeting dealing with their minutia. He has to stay to steer this ship through stormy waters.

  3. As you know (or a reminder), there has to be a minimum of three Councillors to form a quorate. So if only two Councillors are left, CDC will have to take over until the next election.

  4. Well don’t hold your breath as someone asked him the Question face to face and he’s gone.

    I hope the 2 councillors who persist to pull this council down are happy with themselves. I know I would be ashamed to show my face in the village.

    Far too many good folk in the village who could push forward and get things in motion given the opportunity who won’t join under present circumstances.

    The Agenda was complete waste of time, anyway as the Planning had all been decided before, the idea is that if planning needed to be discussed then the council have a right to objection or agree and AGAIN they missed the boat.

    The only item, I could see as relevant was the VHT and payments of important invoices, oh and guess the clerk won’t get paid on time either.

    Biggest laughing stock of this community.

        1. And how many public will be in attendance? Very few would be my guess.

          Maybe as only cheques have to be signed there will be very few. Still need to make sure they’re above board though, plus an opportunity to question them in the public session.

      1. That is extremely bad news, a very democratic councillor, who was doing his best. So now 4 councillors out of seven, who is next?

        There will be a next, until BH and DL stand alone following total destruction of the council.

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