Three out of ELEVEN PC Meetings!

This year to date, Upper Rissington Parish Council have scheduled ten Parish Council Meetings and one Annual Meeting of the Parish and only three have taken place. YES THREE out of ELEVEN. Amended 24th April to reflect the latest cancellations.

There is a meeting scheduled on 28th – that will change it to FOUR out of ELEVEN if it takes place.

There are important Agenda items to be addressed and our government representatives fail to carry out their responsibilities by not attending.

If they can’t attend Parish Council Meetings then clearly they should not be councillors.

Even if a meeting does take place on the 28th, my guess is that the Village Hall process will be halted by some minor problem identified by Cllr Hanks. I attended the last meeting and B.Hanks ably assisted by his sidekick, nit picked every single agenda item, resulting in a wasted meeting.

If they have any kind of conscience then they should consider their position and only then will this council work, when they are replaced with people who have the village interests at heart.


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