Time for a Change II……………..

Time for a Change II – no Chairman.

I strongly believe it is time for a change in URPC. The majority of councillors do not comply with the their own councils SDO’s and Code of Conduct.

Cllr Caroline Maclean conducted her stint as Chairman and I find it shameful that no one has the strength of character to replace her since standing down earlier in the year. The council is nothing without a Chairperson. Floundering and rudderless……

In the meantime I hear from the aural recordings of council meetings that nothing changes. I had hoped one of the military associated councillors might have taken up the mantle, as its clear the others like to input from the sidelines and stir the pot. Although, I always like to be proved wrong. 🙂

I have also heard that one of the councillors is so paranoid that if parishioners criticize or challenge them, they may get a letter from a solicitor threatening to sue them, can anyone substantiate this as I believe it has happened numerous times? There is also a tremendous conflict of conflict of interest between a councillor and the RFO position, the councillor is always interfering with the clerks duties (this situation has been on-going for a number of years from certain quarters and is the reason why the clerks do not stay, I am led to believe). A member of the VHT was extremely vocal about this at a recent meeting.

Furthermore, I expect Andrew Maclean is fully aware of the situation when his wife was the Chairman and probably does not want to undertake this task. Consequently, an utter shambles as no one will stand as Chairman. And judging by current attendance records of councillors, you would need at least two Vice Chairman to cover the 50% attendance record of any possible Chairman being unable to attend.

Remembering, that councillors are summoned to attend the PC meetings and it is clear that they don’t understand their responsibilities as councillors, if they did they would attend. Another reason, why some should consider their position.

Furthermore, it must be a UK record for the lack of progress on the Village Hall, I guess this has a lot to do with a leaderless ship. Thank goodness we have a full time clerk who has her finger on the pulse.

The impression, I get is that this council is happy to run without a Chairman, so that no one takes overall responsibility for anything. This a very unprofessional and cowardly stance by all involved.

What we need is fresh blood, but as we know no-one will ever stand to fulfil any vacancy while we have the current council as no one feels they can work with their arrogant attitudes. Of course, I hope I am proved wrong and we have someone standing for Co-option and a new Chairman within the next couple of days. Fingers crossed.


  • A great post and something that needs to be addressed immediately. These people are behaving like dictators and not elected democrats. A very sad affair.

  • Crickey. Still no chairperson? You are having a laugh. Isn’t there anyone on the council who has the bravery to take on one of the simplest tasks to chair a meeting and take responsibility for the community and how they try but perhaps never spend the parishes tax because they are incapable of reaching a decision.

    As for being critical and talking out loud about the council one might be served a solicitors letter. What’s all that about. Well folks that democracy.

    I suggest the community gets together and makes it known that the community has no confidence in its present format. A new council should be voted in and rid the community of people who supposedly serve their community but are as useful as a chocolate fire guard. The councilors who non attend, unable to make decisions, interfering with the Parish clerk and still the Village Hall is in no man’s land. Oh dear. It’s likened to dereliction of duty.

    • Hi Brian, Yes there is a councillor, who if he doesn’t like whats said about him, threatens suing (everyone knows who I am referring to). It has happened a number of occasions to villagers, including to myself. 🙂

      Progress has been made we now have a Chairman who I am sure will make changes. What is needed is fresh blood and those that resort to bullying should resign.

  • I totally agree with the comments made.

    I would ask more people to get to the PC Meetings. I dare guess most people don’t know who our councillors are.

    It is shamefull that the councillors pitch up when they want. Furthermore, they don’t understand the good councillors guide at all and I could go on. It’s all in there opinion it must be right, but how wrong they are and failing this community badly.

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