Traffic Lights on Barrington Road

This is a statement issued by Bovis regarding the Traffic Light Control on Barrington Road.
The traffic control measures have been put in place to carry out more S278 works. The initial requirement for this has been carried out with core samples taken of the existing tarmac areas if the road. These have been taken and submitted to GCC Highways for them to be able to review and comment on the integrity of the existing road construction. As soon as they feedback their views we will be able to fully understand the remedial works required before we can lay the final tarmac wearing course. Until they do this I am unable to confirm the timescales involved.
Apologies for the current inconvenience with the traffic lights but it is an essential requirement in the process of getting the S278 works completed and the site entrance finished.

16 October 2017

5 thoughts on “Traffic Lights on Barrington Road

  1. We had numerous issues regarding the road back in 2002 when C&M were required to widen the road to the business park. They widened the road and eventually resurfaced it, though the verges were never reinstated, nature has done it for them. The 40 mph repeater signs lay on one of the hangar floors until they were demolished! Within a year of the road being resurfaced, Glos Highways resurfaced the road again, applying the the thin top surface that is now peeling off.
    Another example of jobs not finished or done correctly.

  2. There is no work being carried out, so Bovis, get off your butts and remove the lights until they are required 🙁

    Another example of how the developers just don’t care about the people who live here 😮

  3. Supriya Ray has suspended the Traffic Lights until further notice. Should add that a few residents asked Bovis to suspend the lights till required. Thankfully, Bovis were receptive.

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