Tree Maintenance in the “old” village

The old part of the village has many trees that are protected and owned by our Parish Council. Each year circa £11,000 is allocated to the tree maintenance fund which is meant to be spent on a regular maintenance plan and for the occasional tree that needs emergency work.

From my understanding, over this last election period of 4 years nothing has been done except for emergency work to protect the public.

For example the budget for trees in the last financial year was £10,360 and this year £12,205, we all know that this money isn’t being used for the purpose of tree maintenance and out of interest the allocation is substantially more than the grass maintenance contract.

Therefore, my question is where is this money going? Answer, possibly the URPC investment fund. This means either the existing funding is too great or something needs to be done to the trees with the allocated budget.

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2 thoughts on “Tree Maintenance in the “old” village

  1. Careful what you wish for. First of all you need to identify which trees are actually owned by the Parish Council. For example Grebe Square is owned by the surrounding houses and not the Parish Council. Last time they engaged a tree surgeon they cut down a privately owned tree in De-Havilland by mistake and had to do quite a few hail Marys as a consequence.

  2. Our precept goes into a fund to maintain trees, this is all we WISH for Andrew, not too much to ask for. Trees maintained with the £50k budget they have amassed over 4 years for the task.

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