Trust Closer to running the Village Hall

Max writes elsewhere that the Upper Rissington Parish Council and the Trust will renegotiate the terms of the contract, so for the takeover of the Village Hall can be completed by the Trust. They have set a deadline of 1 August 2016, which clearly means a further Parish Council meeting for any changes to be ratified by the URPC.

This is very good news indeed.

We all look forward to seeing events organised by the village for the village. We thank all involved for their perseverance following many months of negotiations.

4 thoughts on “Trust Closer to running the Village Hall

  1. Hello,

    I have read the previous posts from David and Max and now it seems that all is ok, this is very bizarre that suddenly all is well.

    I hope your prognosis is correct. Remember Cllrs Hanks and Laird were not at the meeting and they may have a completely different view point.

    1. I think it’s – Cautiously optimistic after hearing what the other Councillors said at the PC meeting last Monday but not going to get excited till the ink has dried on the Lease.

  2. Like your reply to the above comments, David. I am hoping that the positive comments keep coming and 1st August the Charitable Trust will be running the Hall.

    I did notice that the Trust website is live, using good old WordPress. You may like to pass onto the trust that the left and right columns on the homepage are not formatting correctly.

  3. Because all of yesterdays comments are missing – we have lost a very important one from David H, about the Charitable Trust negotiating with URPC on the Hall.

    I will attempt to list the major bullet points:

    1) The most important point raised was the unnecessary change in the Terms of the lease by the council, from the initial proposal of early 2015. However, Jason Corban was very wiling to negotiate a solution according to those present at the last PC meeting. I just hope the other Council members that were not present fall into line.

    2) Items outlined on the S106 that have not been provided by the developers. Now that the Hall has been accepted by URPC, then it may rest on URPC to provide them.

    3) The building is now 18 months old and there are various items need to be rectified as the building settles. This can be implemented immediately by URPC. This should not be a stopper.

    Finally, why is the Hall not being used to earn income irrespective of this situation? It has lain empty for almost 18 months and has so far not generated any income. This situation is unacceptable to all residents who are providing cash via their precept for a white elephant.

    Would URPC immediately make the Hall available for those that want to use it.

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