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Below is an extract from the PC Meeting held in February 2018.

Six bids had been received before the deadline. The tender analysis showed that one bidder led by a clear margin, scoring 1st in terms of overall price while also scoring highly in terms of professional capacity and experience. The Clerk explained that suppliers would not necessarily hold bids for the individual Lots; though most would hold the price for the grass cutting and hedge cutting, only one would hold the price for tending to the Jubilee Garden as a single Lot.

Councillors considered the tender analysis and resolved to award all Lots to Contractor A [later named as Ubico (West Division)] for an annual cost of £8,019 plus VAT. Proposed by AP, seconded by MBu; motion unanimously carried.

I also requested that the most Western boundary verge be cut. Below is the response Pauline Rigby (URPC gave me). Clearly, this wasn’t the response I expected, I personally would like it cut, to improve the look of our village.

I’ll have to look into land ownership for the W side of Barrington Road. However, please note that this is an adopted road, which means Highways are responsible for the verges, a 2m strip on major routes (like the Rissington/Burford Road), and 1m strip on other routes (such as Barrington Road).