Unsavoury Act – Dog bins

Yesterday the 7th July, I took my dog for a walk in the evening and part of the walk was along the cycle way behind Bristol Road and Hawker Square. As we approached the dog bin behind Lincoln Close (off Hawker Sq), I could see that there were used dog poo bags strewn about and some dog poo was stuck on the wooden fence!!!

I shudder why this was done but this wasn’t an isolated incident, as it also happened on the 26 June but at least that time there was no dog poo on the fence.

I have reported this incident to the Police today, incident no: 215 8th July 11, so they are aware of this happening.

Could I ask people to keep an eye out and if they spot anything, report it to the Police. The mess has now been cleaned up again.

2 thoughts on “Unsavoury Act – Dog bins

  1. Bourton Police have called me back to get the full story and ask if I knew who it was. I could only suggest that perhaps it was kids.

    They will follow up with other agencies, talk to the local kids when they get on the school bus and keep an eye out. They would also like to attend the next Parish Council meeting.

    They asked if anyone in the village sees any thing, could they please report it, doing so a pattern may emerge helping to ascertain who it might be.

  2. It has happen again over the last weekend! Some one has thrown more dog poo at the wooden fence behind Lincoln Close, with a few poo bags found on the ground as well.

    I have contacted the Police again to update them on this latest incident. I also contacted CDC to inform their Environmental Health officer and they have also informed the person who looks into anti-social behaviour.

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