Update on UR Village Hall Trust and Village Hall

See the latest news from the Upper Rissington Village Hall Trust dated 14th June 2016

The Village Hall: It was handed over to the developers, Bovis/Linden, which took longer than expected.

The developers made contact with the Parish Council at the very end of April 2015, to start the legalities to hand over the new hall to the Parish Council.

There have been a few issues but finally the Parish Council are now in a position to complete on the new hall:’Upper Rissington Parish Council is delighted to announce that completion on the new Village Hall will take place on Thursday 16th June.

For the Upper Rissington Village Hall Trust, a group of volunteer residents, to take over the running of the new village hall on behalf of the community, the final version of the lease needs to be agreed upon by the Parish Council and Village Hall Trust.

At the time of this update, 14th June 2016, the Village Hall Trust are still waiting to see the updated copy of the lease from the Parish Council.

My comment:

What a shame that the trust couldn’t have taken immediate possession. However, it wold appear that the lease is yet to be finalised and seen by the Trust. No comment….

One thought on “Update on UR Village Hall Trust and Village Hall

  1. I do have one question, is it the intention for the Parish Council to run the Village Hall, as they don’t seem to cooperative with helping the URVH Trust take over?

    So far two events this week are organised – Polling Station for the EU Referendum and a Council Meeting.

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