POS Plans – 17/04151/FUL – Updated: 7 Dec’ 18

Below is the document that will be discussed in ref to 17/01451?FUL at the forthcoming planing meeting on the 12 December.



Two additional plans and a landscape Officers view point sent to Deborah Smith! Plus an attenuation Officer Drainage report.

Below are the plans dated 17 Oct 2018 on the CDC Planning Portal. What I see is a huge improvement and it appears to follow much of the original proposal from 2013. South Field now has a Skate Park.

Updated Hard Surface Plans.

Play Parks, Trim Trails and Skate Park

Section Details


Ecological Zones and Tree Planting

Drawing Amendment Schedule

Proposed Roads for Adoption




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3 thoughts on “POS Plans – 17/04151/FUL – Updated: 7 Dec’ 18

  1. Looks like we have made some progress! Still struggling with the definition of a Trim Trail? Do kiddies need to get trim nowadays? I thought it was a middle age requirement?

    1. Mike I’m with you – I was hoping this was going to be an adult trim trail when it was first suggest many years ago

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