Upper Rissington – 1998 – the arterial link…

Picture: Courtesy Mike Grierson

The picture dates from 1998. You can see that the houses on Farman Crescent have yet to be demolished. There is rumour that replacement housing will be built here.

However the houses behind Wright Road have already gone to make way for the new play park.

You can see that Bristol Road changing to Dodd Drive, once extended past the Officers Mess (see arrow) and thus was the spine through the village. This is what the developers have failed to utilise in the new incarnation of RAF Little Rissington (Upper Rissington). Part of the old road exists behind Lincoln Close today, currently a favourite place for dog walkers to go. What a real shame that the original developers; Country and Metropolitan did not keep this arterial spine open, which would help gel all three segments of the village together. I guess this is the problem with piece meal developments, no cohesive plan.

As it now stands there are there separate areas in the village:

  • The original quarters to the North
  • Mid way the 1999 development
  • And to the South, Victory Fields

NB: Wellington Road will be linked to Victory Fields.

28 May 1997

12 thoughts on “Upper Rissington – 1998 – the arterial link…

  1. Dodd Drive, the tradesmans entrance to the Officers Mess, was one of the Cycle Tracks promissed in Phase I. It was built over in Phase 2! The brown area East of Farman Crescent was Folland Close which became Folland Playpark. Note also that the Propane Gas Tanks were located South of Siskin Rd, before they were moved to the airfield boundary at no cost to residents!

  2. Didn’t notice the LPG tanks on the picture. Wonder why they moved? Make the site more pleasing to the eye.

    Really am amazed we have had no pipe rupture considering the amount of work around the “new” site.

    Yep, Folland Playpark is a huge area that needs to be secured as Open Space. Last thing we want is that building on, or for that matter Farman Crescent. Although nothing would surprise me.

  3. The gas tanks East of Hawker square were for the Officers Mess and maybe some other buildings. The main gas supply for the MQs and Windrush Park is in the bottom centre of the picture at the junction of Siskin and Sopwith Roads. That was relocated in 2000 to its current position by The Gas Supply Company (GSC) long before Calor became involved. GSC wanted to get rid of the supply and offered to connect to mains gas in Bourton for around £2000 per property. The cost could have been spread over 10 years and added to the bills. With the reduced price of mains gas the monthly cost would have been less than the cost of LPG! What you might call a no-brainer. As the offer was not taken up, GSC sold the gas supply to Calor.

  4. Good spot regarding the Officers Mess gas tanks, I wasn’t aware of those. Shame mains gas wasn’t installed in 2000.

    Question, there is a fenced area off Wellington Road, today over grown. Was this another Gas storage area possibly for the Airmans Mess that was sighted around Lancaster Road?

      1. Sarcasm David? A well planned village would have had another backbone road as did RAF LR, of course it is too late for that now.

        1. No, it was a serious question, why do we need another road when there are no issues getting round now, we just need the promised footpaths.

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