Upper Rissington 2017 Precept (Council Tax)

Upper Rissington Parish Council have hopefully set the Precept (Upper Rissington Council Tax element) for 2017-18 tax year, which I am positive will be outlined at the next Parish Council Meeting in February. CDC require the figures to calculate our April 2017 – March 2018 Council Tax. Debbie Hill as RFO will have given the Chairman the planned expenditure and the Council, under the Chairmanship of Jason Corban will review the document and set the precept.

Below are the financials that were used by URPC to calculate the the current budget, with an outline for the future.

There will be of course be updated financials as specifics change, as they have not yet handed the Village Hall to the Trust which was on the original planning.

Plus huge sums have been spent on Gas and Electric utility bills in the last 6 months that will have to be budgeted for.

Nevertheless, in these times of Brexit and austerity I am sure the tax will not increase in the incoming year. To find out attend the February URPC meeting.

Links to the documents:
Appendix-A – Budget Overview
Appendix-B – Budget Detail
Actual v Predicted Spend (Up to September 2016) Comprehensive List of Income verses Expenditure.




7 thoughts on “Upper Rissington 2017 Precept (Council Tax)

  1. Looking at those figures, I note the budget spend is set to increase for 2017/18 by about £29,000!! And increase again for 2018/19 by about £7,000.

    Will be interesting see how this translates to the precept and how many more houses on VF are included in this calculation, which could bring it down for individual houses.

  2. Hope your synopsis is correct. I am sure the increase spend will be covered by the expanding village. What is certain now we have a qualified RFO and a Chair in place the process should go well.

  3. I think people need to stop and look at what the Council has spent this year. Very little is the answer, so before they increase the precept they need to think very carefully. Storing money in a reserve pot is not what should be happening. A fraction of what they have is ok, but not the amount that is currently on account.

    One person seems to think their skills (ex-accountant) in this field is how the precept should be fixed, but of course that is not necessarily so, it is in their opinion! In the past others have followed like sheep, hopefully this year we see others saying otherwise and a justifiable affordable precept is set.

  4. Can anyone explain why our Parish Council are having an Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting to set the precept 1 day before the deadline? Yep ONE day……..INCOMPETENCE.

    One reason springs to mind.

    1) Councillors including, Arnold, Hanks and Laird failed to turn up to the scheduled council meeting at the beginning of this month, causing its cancellation. If all councillors where to attend meetings as per their legal requirements this situation would never exist.

    What we need is a council with a set of individuals that work to improve our village (rather than just 2 or 3 of them).

  5. I attended tonights PC meeting (27th Feb), in theory to set the precept.

    The Cllrs in attendance were Jason Corban, Brian Hanks and Dawn Laird. Plus Nigel Moor representing GCC.

    When it came to the precept – Jason explained that they would not set it tonight. He went onto say that CDC will increase it by 2% sampled from lowest precept set over the last three years. Which in effect is a 8% decrease from last years as it was high, next year assuming they set a precept it will rise again by 10%. Got it?

    I would like to add that Debbie Hill (Clerk/RFO) had done all the work for the previous meeting (6th Feb), however as the councillors failed to attend the meeting was cancelled.

    He also said that, as the Council were cash rich, they would reduce the reserves on village projects.

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