Upper Rissington Community Liaison Group Update

Date: 2 March 2018

Below is Upper Rissington Community Liaison Group feedback following their inaugural meeting at CDC on 16th February to discuss various matters with specific emphasis on the Victory Fields expansion of Upper Rissington. 

Below is a document outlining the scope of the Group and a letter form Nigel Moor.

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Acknowledgements: Upper Rissington Community Liaison Group

2 thoughts on “Upper Rissington Community Liaison Group Update

  1. UR News, its LQM abbreviation for Land Quality Management. No they have not been appointed but Deborah Smith is sitting on an email from our MP asking why she has done nothing since May 4th! Have you seen any section drawings though the bunds along the lines of panoramic views as depicted on the S106 Dated 2013. I have seen none for 2013 and I have seen none for these updates 2018 but given there is no Panoramic View this is a material breach of the S106 dated 2013, in my opinion, but why am I the only one to spot this? Have I missed something or perhaps the home owners on Cadet Close did not want a view, which I think is a little strange! Hey, I am just an idiot what do I know?

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