Upper Rissington Development gets the Go Ahead

There is full list of PDF files on the Cotswold County Council Planning Website. However, the file you need to download & view is this one (slightly over 2mb).

The following is from Gemma Casey of the Wilts & Gloc Standard.

FOLLOWING a public inquiry, permission has been granted to Reland Ltd to build up to 368 new homes on a former RAF base at Upper Rissington.

Developers Reland Ltd appealed against Cotswold District Council’s non-determination of its scheme to build the homes and a two-week inquiry was held last month.

It claimed the local authority took too long to consider its outline planning application which meant CDC’s planning committee could only make a recommendation to the Secretary of State.

However, it emphatically decided, by 14-0 votes, to be ‘minded to refuse’, following planning officer Mike Napper’s recommendation that it was an unsustainable location.

Now that the Planning Inspectorate has granted permission, Reland can build a primary school, village hall, central park, pub, health facilities, sports pitches and shops.

The permission could see the doubling of the 1,000-strong population of the village.

At the inquiry, Jeremy Cahill, for Reland, said: “It is quite frankly perverse not to consider carefully the opportunity to carry out redevelopment of the Upper Rissington site which is highly likely to save development on a greenfield site elsewhere in the AONB.

“Is it right to expect existing residents to suffer 19th century infrastructure provision in the 21st century?

“CDC has a deep rooted objection to this scheme which is completely impervious to any form of contrary argument.”

The Inspectorate said the proposal would preserve the natural beauty of the landscape.

For more, see next week’s Standard.

11 thoughts on “Upper Rissington Development gets the Go Ahead

  1. For anyone not at yesterdays Parish Council meeting, one topic was the development, with lots of questions but not many answers.

    The Parish Council are hoping to have a meeting about the development with a representative from Reland and hopefully get answers to all the questions.

  2. Not perhaps the correct place but I don’t think I can create a new Post.

    Was walking on the far side of the airfield on the bridleway next to the large white building (standing on its own) where I could see: some caravans, porta-cabins, fencing with what looking like security at the gate, various vehicles and what looked like a small racing track (is this the go-kart track?). There were several bursts of automatic gun fire in the trees and purple smoke coming out of the trees!

    Is this another film shoot or some military training?

  3. Hi David, started a new thread on this – tried to move your comment onto it but can not find a solution to this.

    Think you are commenting on the Rissi Kart club.

  4. In part, yes the build up was for the go-karting which I checked on later using the link you have on this site.

    I should think the automatic gun fire was just some military training that just happen to be going on as well just before the weekend.

  5. Another post that perhaps should be on its own.

    I see the village has been Google Street Viewed. Looking at it, I would guess it was just before Christmas.

    What do others think?

  6. The original sale of the RAF Rissington Domestic Site was subject to a clause where the MOD will impose a levy on every house which exceeds a total of 300. As Mr Brown has told all Local Authorities to sell off all spare land to generate more funds for him, is it any wonder that planning permission has been granted? 368 levies for the government representing a sizeable sum of money that will not be available to develop infrastructure and facilities.

  7. CDC allows the development to go ahead under appeal and then fail to manage the development. As a consequence the errors discovered are tantamount to gross negligence.

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