UR Community Liaison Group and VF?

We know that LinBo want to have all plans passed by August so that they can complete the POS application

Public Open Space Plans

We are led to believe that the plans will adopt 99% of the 2013 S106 proposal, which would be a very satisfying result. However, we do need answers regarding the problems identified below with a positive resolution: 

  • Is there any contamination in the BUNDS?
  • The Bunds require their elevations to be reduced as per the proposed plans.
  • The Bunds are constructed of building site waste material directly deposited on to aircraft Aprons constructed of very thick tarmac and concrete – is their sufficient drainage? The Rissington River post may prove otherwise.
  • Is there contamination from Aviation fuel tanks that may still be in place below South Field?
  • What is in the artificial and stupidly elevated South Field? It should be lowered to be in keeping with the  surrounding elevations in an area of outstanding natural beauty.
  • Several home owners adjacent to where Hangar 80 was located are having difficulty with their gardens as their garden top soil was deposited directly on top of tarmac which was not remediated.

Currently, we do not have a date when the UR Community Liaison Group is going to meet again. What is clear is that URCLG is not working.

Lets identify a problem or two. The Parish Councillor Marck Buffrey has resigned (will another councillor step up to the plate?). David Oliver, the resident representative is married to someone who sits on the Bovis Homebuyers Panel who believes there are no problems with the new housing at UR, is this a conflict of interest? Margaret Flint is not a contamination expert. The District Councillor Mark MacKenzie-Charrington does not appear to want to support the village. In short the village representation is weakened and the house builder supported from unexpected corners is achieving their objectives without remediation.

Please comment on the above and I will happily amend if the facts are incorrect.

  • Chairman – Philippa Lowe, Head of Planning and Strategic Housing
  • Member of Parliament – Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown
  • Planning – Deborah Smith, Team Leader Development Management
  • Developer – Representative(s) of Bovis Homes
  • Developer – Representative(s) of Linden Homes
  • Parish Councillor – Marc Buffery
  • Parish Councillor – Martin Johnstone
  • Resident – Margaret Flint
  • Resident – David Oliver
  • County Councillor – Nigel Moor
  • District Councillor – Mark MacKenzie-Charrington
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3 thoughts on “UR Community Liaison Group and VF?

  1. What happens when the Management Fees kick in and start increasing rapidly or the first child falls unexpectedly ill? Of course, it will be too late then and all the responsible individuals will have disappeared!

  2. The concept for the URCLG was initiated by Nigel Moor and our MP Sir Geoffrey Clifton-Brown following the public meeting on November 3rd 2017. Our ward Councillor Mark McKensie Charrington took control soon after but what has URCLG actually achieved? We receive occasional feedback about what has been discussed and plenty of things that will be addressed in future but nothing gets completed or resolved? Does anyone know what they are doing or what their primary objective is? There is no evidence to suggest they have any intention to clear the contamination and it certainly appears if the motive is to justify why it should stay!

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