UR Parish Council – HR Representative!

It has been revealed by a local resident (who sat next to the gentleman at the last Parish Council Meeting) that the Upper Rissington Parish Council have authorised an independent Human Resources representative to examine URPC practises. His name is Graham Elston from BOSS HR Ltd.

Has this been minuted on recent Parish Council Meetings? If not, why not? 

Has any expenditure been authorised by the Parish Council and if so where are the minutes explaining this action?  

Finally, what is the purpose of the HR guidance?

EDIT: From the BOSS HR website:

For an HR health check of your employee handbook, written particulars and HR policies and procedures that form your contract of employment will normally take two days to undertake. 

We want to develop a long term relationship with our clients, so therefore we offer very competitive rate of £40 per hour or £250 per day. 

If you have an on-going HR issue we can support and mentor you or your managers and help they deal with a specific issue, which is outside of their existing experience


  • Perhaps he was brought in to mentor the PC😃?

    • You must be right. The Parish Council in its present format needs mentoring. As a village we need to establish why URPC have employed a HR Representative.

  • I was hoping to see details of an Extraordinary Parish Council Meeting announcement when browsing the URPC website.

    However, it is interesting to see Cllr Dawn Lairds name against posts on http://upperrissington-pc.gov.uk website and not Debbie Hills for some bizarre reason (it would appear Cllr Laird has hijacked Debbie Hills log-in)! Furthermore, why hasn’t the below post not been amended to reflect the meeting on 14th June 17 was cancelled and for what reason by Cllr Laird as a consequence.

    It is clear that some move is a foot, guessing by the way the councillors are visibly rude to the Clerk at Parish Council Meetings and writing attacking statements on Facebook about her, this is clearly another form of making her position as clerk very difficult.

  • If you look through all posts, as well as the News posts, Debbie’s name has been replaced by Dawn’s

    Maintenance, Parish Council
    Garden Maintenance Reminder
    December 29, 2014 Dawn Laird

    Stow Surgery – Revised Planning Application
    June 12, 2015 Dawn Laird

    Is the Parish Council now without a Clerk and hence why Dawn & Brian were in the Village Hall Office this afternoon?

    • We can only guess the motives of our councillors. Remember it is a council of three, so I’m guessing David Arnold is fully aware of what you are speculating David? I just hope you are wrong.

      If you or anyone attends the next council meeting, I would want to know answers to many questions? The main one being; the cost of this process they have embarked upon?

      • On Facebook there is speculation that Debbie Hill is no longer the Clerk. I do hope the rumours are incorrect. Debbie has been a tremendous asset to the Village and if she has decided to leave we will miss her.

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