UR Parish Council Meeting – 16 January 2019

7 thoughts on “UR Parish Council Meeting – 16 January 2019

  1. A few minor observations.:

    Councillor Vacancy: To consider applications for co-option for the casual vacancy.

    I didn’t realise they were looking for co-options and if so how many?

    Precept 2019-20: approve the precept request to be submitted to Cotswold District Council.

    Precept should be maintained as our council is spending it’s current funds.

    Highways Update: To receive a report from the Chairman on the meeting at Shire Hall.

    Hopefully discussing the adoption plan.

    Clerk’s Working Hours: To review the Clerk’s working hours and consider a permanent increase.


  2. The clerk and chairman were at the adoption meeting but they are awaiting Nigel Moor to write his summary! Co-option has been offered to URPC but they wish to do their own thing as usual! Banana Republic syndrome remember! Nothing new!

  3. All change Matt Barley would like to resign, meanwhile Declan Norris is co-opted.

    What I took away from the meeting is our Council Tax – will not change.

    Playpark signed off.

    Village Hall will be repaired.

    Dangerous tree in Grebe Square – work should be done.

    An argument to stop the vehicular access to the allotments by Declan who borders on the allotments.

    Chairman needs to manage the public, so that they do not run the meeting.

    Road Adoption – looks promising

  4. Did we really need to spend so much time discussing green bin collection in a URPC meeting! Surely we all have more pressing things to resolve?

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