Parish Councillors

The Parish Councillors are:

These would make great e-mail addresses: Very easy to do and I am sure the Clerk could do. I would not encourage the use of a personal e-mail address in such a responsible position, especially if an audit is required.

Cllr Matt Barley

Matt Barley – Councillor. 17 Bleriot Road, Upper Rissington
Matt Barley – Declaration of Interest
Profession: Standards Trainer. Employment: Air Tanker, RAF Brize Norton





Cllr Marc Buffrey

Marc Buffrey – Chairman.  26 Wright Road, Upper Rissington
Marc Buffrey – Declaration of Interest
Profession: Private Landlord. Employment: NA





Cllr Brian Hanks

Brian Hanks – Councillor.    1, Lancaster Drive, Upper Rissington
Hanks – Declaration Of Interest
Profession: Chartered Accountant. Employment: None





Barrington Road

Bob Hazard – Councillor.   44, Hawker Square, Upper Rissington
E-mail: TBD
Hazard – Declaration Of Interest
Profession: TBD. Employment: TBD





Cllr Dawn Laird

Dawn Laird – Councillor.     5, Blenheim Close, Upper Rissington
Laird – Declaration Of Interest
Profession: Not Listed. Employment: None





Cllr Martin Johnstone

Martin Johnstone – Vice Chairman.  2, Anson Court, Upper Rissington
Johnstone – Declaration Of Interest
Profession: Not Listed. Employment: None (Carer)





Cllr Amos Peek

Amos Peek – Councillor. 7 Dehavilland Road
Peek – Declaration Of Interest
Profession: Not Listed. Employment: Peek Partnership Limited, Accountants





Click for declarations of interest.

Resigned in 2017:
Rosie Webber
Caroline Maclean
Andrew Maclean
Jason Corban
David Arnold

Resigned in 2015/6:
Hans Ziebeck

Cotswold District Councillor to The Rissingtons:


Cllr Mark MacKenzie-Charrington
Address: Greenfields, Little Rissington, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire. GL54 2NA
Tel: 01451 821011
Mobile: 07767 606001

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