Parish Councillors

The Parish Councillors are:

These would make great e-mail addresses: Very easy to do and I am sure the Clerk could do. I would not encourage the use of a personal e-mail address in such a responsible position, especially if an audit is required.

Councillor Responsibilities

Staffing Committee (Cllrs Barley and Peek)
Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group (Cllr Peek)
Community Liaison Committee 
Village Hall Management Trust Liaison

Cllr Matt Barley

Matt Barley – Councillor. 17 Bleriot Road, Upper Rissington
Matt Barley – Declaration of Interest
Profession: Standards Trainer. Employment: Air Tanker, RAF Brize Norton





Barrington Road

Bob Hazard – Councillor.   44, Hawker Square, Upper Rissington
E-mail: TBD
Hazard – Declaration of Interests
Profession: Not Listed. Employment: Coop – Stow-on-the-Wold





Cllr Dawn Laird

Dawn Laird – Councillor.     5, Blenheim Close, Upper Rissington
Laird – Declaration Of Interest
Profession: Not Listed. Employment: None






Cllr Amos Peek

Amos Peek – Chairman. 7 Dehavilland Road
Peek – Declaration Of Interest
Profession: Not Listed. Employment: Peek Partnership Limited, Accountants





Click for declarations of interest.

Resigned in 2018:

Brian Hanks
Martin Johnstone – Martin Johnstone Resignation Letter
Marc Buffrey

Resigned in 2017:
Rosie Webber
Caroline Maclean
Andrew Maclean
Jason Corban
David Arnold – David Arnold Resignation Letter

Resigned in 2015/6:
Hans Ziebeck


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