URPC Councillors

The Parish Councillors are:

Please visit the CDC website for the latest: Register of Interest.

The majority of councillors do not want their e-mail addresses published – hence the removal. 

Amos Peek – Chairman.  Register of Interest.
Matt Barley – Councillor.   Register of Interest.
Jerry Flint – Councillor.  
Bob Hazard –
Councillor.  Register of Interest.
Dawn Laird –
Councillor.   Register of Interest.
Vaughan Taylor – Councillor.   
Declan Torris – Councillor.   

Staffing Committee (Cllrs Barley and Peek)
Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group (Cllr Peek)
Community Liaison Committee 
Village Hall Management Trust Liaison

Resigned in 2018:
Brian Hanks
Martin Johnstone – Martin Johnstone Resignation Letter
Marc Buffrey

Resigned in 2017:
Rosie Webber
Caroline Maclean
Andrew Maclean
Jason Corban
David Arnold – David Arnold Resignation Letter

Resigned in 2015/6:
Hans Ziebeck

Upper Rissington Parish Council election on 21 February 2019

An election to fill two vacancies on Upper Rissington Parish Council will be held on Thursday 21 February 2019 and the Notice of Election has been published.

Anyone wishing to stand as a candidate at this election will need to complete a nomination paper and consent to nomination. These must be hand delivered to the office of the Returning Officer at Cotswold District Council by 4pm on Friday 25 January 2019. 

For more information about the election, please view:

Voting at this election 

Anyone eligible to vote at this election will receive a poll card and these will be issued after 25 January.

Anyone who lives in the Parish but is not registered should register by midnight on Tuesday 5 February. To register online, please:

Postal voting 

To vote by post at this election, please do the following by 5pm on Wednesday 6 February:

Proxy voting

To vote by proxy at this election, please do the following by 5pm on Wednesday 13 February:

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