URPC – Annual Accounts – 31 Mar ’18

EDIT: 12 September 2018

Below are the audited Annual Accounts – which have been added to the URPC website without fanfare.


EDIT: 18 June 2018

The information below is sourced from URPC.

The unaudited accounts for the year ending 31 March 2018 can be viewed below:

Any persons interested may inspect and make copies of the Annual Return and any associated documents (excepting personal data) for the financial year ended 31st March 2018.

These documents will be available from Monday 18th June until Friday 27th July 2017 on reasonable notice on application to the Clerk.

Please see the notice below for more information:


The pay off amounts are clearly hidden in the salary for 2017/18 for DH.

As Debbie Hill worked 3 months of 2017 financial year and then Pauline Rigby the last 4 months. Therefore, I can only assume the balance of £4500 – £5000 was paid out in a redundancy package from the total of £9,125. This assumes in 3 months DH earned £2700 and in 4 months PR earned £2000 (all figures rounded).

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One thought on “URPC – Annual Accounts – 31 Mar ’18

  1. Can anyone explain why the completed Audit files are not “announced” on the URPC website instead of appearing without announcement?

    The ex-accountant on the council said at the Parish Meeting last night, that VAT had not been recovered, maybe I am missing something, but the Annual Statement says the following amounts have been recovered.

    Year End 2018 £5756 Recovered
    Yend End 2017 £1325 Recovered
    Year End 2015/16 £3789 Recovered

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