URPC Office “IT”

I visited the Upper Rissington Parish Council Office today to ask the clerk a specific question. Unfortunately, she could not answer the question as she didn’t have access to either of the two laptops available where the information is stored.


  • Locked away or password changed by Deputy Clerk?

  • A clerk in office with no computer I shake my head.

    I ask what is the council playing at?

  • Well, I went again to ask for some info only to find The Clerk with NO COMPUTER. Surely this is gross negligence and extremely irresponsible of the council not to provide a computer to allow the Clerk to do her work? 🙁 Even more annoying for me is to have visited the office and not returning home with what I wanted to know.

  • Let me get this straight. We the public contribute to the Parish Council. Our Clerk is salaried to do a job and she is not been given the tools to do her job. Is this correct?

    It would seem at the moment our Parish Council has three Clerks:

    The Full time clerk without a computer.
    A temp clerk – who I expect has a computer.
    A Deputy Clerk who is actually a cllr – but wants to be a clerk – who has a computer.

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