URPC Election – 19 Oct 2017

Release date: 11 September 2017

An election for two councillors for Upper Rissington parish council will take place on Thursday 19 October 2017.

The Notice of Election has now been published and nomination papers are available to download.  Paper copies can be obtained from the office of the Returning Officer at Cotswold District Council Offices.

Anyone wishing to stand as a candidate at either election must complete and return a nomination paper by 4 pm on Friday 22 September 2017.

Details of the candidates that have nominated will be published on the CDC website after 4 pm on Friday 22 September.

Nomination Paper Pack Upper Rissington – 19 October 2017


14 thoughts on “URPC Election – 19 Oct 2017

  1. There are three people who have put their names forward for the two vacant positions on the Parish Council.

    Statement of Persons Nominated: http://www.cotswold.gov.uk/media/1542345/2-Statement-of-persons-nominated.pdf

    Further details about the Upper Rissington Parish Council Election, to be held on the 19 October 2017, can be found on the Cotswold District Council site: http://www.cotswold.gov.uk/about-the-council/elections/current-future-elections/

  2. Shame that there wasn’t more volunteers that desired the post of Upper Rissington Councillor. Although hardly surprising.

    Good luck to all the candidates.

  3. Marc Buffery – election statement.

    In the absence of any indication to the contrary I am posting my candidate’s statement for the Parish Council Election on the 19th October. Voting will take place at the Village Hall.

    This is your Community, Your Parish Council and Your Vote, please use it.

    I have been a resident of Upper Rissington since 1994, prior to this I lived, since birth, in Stow on the Wold. I was a Parish Councillor in Stow for nine years and at one time stood for District Councillor there. I was a founding member of the Upper Rissington Community Committee and the subsequent Upper Rissington Parish Council for 2 years.

    A great deal has been promised by the developers but sadly very little has materialised, particularly relating to the younger members of our community, provision for the disabled and replacement of lost employment opportunities. I will make strenuous efforts to;
    Ensure that all the promises made by the developers are fulfilled and as soon as possible, not at some vague date in the future.
    Ensure that all residents of Upper Rissington have a voice, through the Parish Council, to the District Council, County Council and our elusive MP as to how the Upper Rissington Community develops.

    Ensure that all residents feel involved in planning our future and that the needs of the majority are recognised and acted upon by the Parish Council.

    Ensure that the Parish Council is open and transparent in all its dealings at all times and that there are no more meetings behind closed doors.

    Marc Buffery, 26 Wright Road, Upper Rissington, GL54 2NP

  4. Bob Hazard – election statement.

    Hi my name is Bob Hazard and I am a candidate in the upcoming Parish Council Election. I have lived on the Old Camp for the past 4 years and love living here and being part of a great community.

    From the few Parish Council Meetings I have attended and the recent meeting with the Developers and Cotswold District Council, it is clearly evident that there is a lot of anger and frustration felt by a large majority of our community.

    If I was elected I would work to ensure that :-
    1) The Parish Council and it’s Councillors would work in an open manner and serve the whole of the community.
    2) The Parish Council work closely with the Upper Rissington Social Committee /Village Hall Trust, so that the Village Hall realises its full potential.
    3) Ensure that both Bovis and Linden fulfil their obligations in relation to their promises in the 2013 Open Spaces and Amenities Document.
    4) Lobby the sitting Member of Parliament for our constituency on the issue of the singular choice of Gas supply we have on the Old Camp.

    I am not politically motivated, I just want to make Upper Rissington a great place to live in, and serve the people of this great community.
    Bob Hazard 44 Hawker Square, Upper Rissington, Gloucs GL54 2NT

  5. Karen – I agree. They have spent the time to write a good election statement and I believe any one of them will make a vast improvement and fix the rotten core.

  6. I’m told, the results of the Parish Council election are as follows:

    Marc Buffery 187
    Matt Barley 144
    Bob Hazard 137

    Marc and Matt got the vote, congratulations to them 🙂

  7. You were told correct David.

    The Results Link.

    Matt Barley – Councillor. 17 Bleriot Road, Upper Rissington
    E-mail: TBD
    Barley – Declaration Of Interest
    Profession: TBD. Employment: TBD

    Marc Buffrey – Councillor.  26 Wright Road, Upper Rissington
    E-mail: TBD
    Barley – Declaration Of Interest
    Profession: TBD. Employment: TBD

    Brian Hanks – Chairman.    1, Lancaster Drive, Upper Rissington
    E-mail: brianurparish@gmail.com
    Hanks – Declaration Of Interest
    Profession: Chartered Accountant. None

    Dawn Laird – Councillor.     5, Blenheim Close, Upper Rissington
    E-mail: dawnurparish@aol.com
    Laird – Declaration Of Interest
    Profession: Not Listed. Employment: None

    Martin Johnstone – Councillor.  2, Anson Court, Upper Rissington
    E-mail: martinurparish@gmail.com
    Johnstone – Declaration Of Interest
    Profession: Not Listed. Employment: None (Carer)

    Amos Peek – Councillor. 7 Dehavilland Road
    E-mail: amospeek@hotmail.com
    Peek – Declaration Of Interest
    Profession: Not Listed. Employment: Peek Partnership Limited, Accountants

    Rosie Webber – Councillor.  13 Southgate Court
    E-mail: rosieurparish@gmail.com
    Webber – Declaration of Interest
    Profession: Secondary School Teacher. Employment: Not Listed.

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