URPC fail to gain any nominees for election!

Following Marc Buffrey’s resignation an election was called by 10 people in Upper Rissington and it would follow that at least one nomination for an election would follow. Unfortunately, no one came forward and as a result the election will need to be rerun with a new date.

In a time when the parish has been asked whether we want 11 councillors, it would seem that there is difficulty getting a sixth and this is before the position of Martin Johnstone is advertised.

Can anyone shed any light why no one would want to join, as I am at a loss?

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10 thoughts on “URPC fail to gain any nominees for election!

  1. Jerry, it’s obvious when so many good people are quitting! We had a petition to remove the bad councillors and we won a CGR so people understandably are sitting back waiting for the new oportunity to arrive in May next year! Any one interested to stand for the new URPC next year please pass their names to Kirsten Johnstone or myself. We have a small group now but looking to gather enough people to fill all 11 positions!

  2. People, who have an interest in the village and are eligible to join URPC should still join before May 2019. A lot of damage can be done without a fair representation.

    Finally, I am confused why would I want to pass my name to Kirsten or yourself before next years council elections, especially if warding takes place? The people decide on who will be voted in.

  3. The current PC is a failure despite those wanting to make an genuine difference standing forward they find themselves unable to bring to a halt the toxic atmosphere within and around the PC.
    If you argue against two of the councillors you find yourself excluded from their views and yours are picked over and rubbished, they are like two vultures picking over bones, for heavens sake to be able to write an essay on one spelling mistake to bully someone says it all!
    There is no system in place to protect these genuine volunteers who want to do the best they can for the village, there is no mechanism to stop those who wish to stop things progressing and who feel they can bully their view through and councillors end up feeling forced to quit but they cannot say why for fear of threats of action for slander or if you are employed by the PC you are subject to non disclosure settlements.
    Despite knowing that the PC needs balance why should anyone volunteer to put themselves through the crap that trying to do the best for the village brings especially when most of it comes from within the body that should be working together to achieve this!?
    Being a councillor is not just a few hours one night a month it is a full time “job’ that can have you working all hours of the day and night.
    URPC should be dissolved and new elections called but we have to wait until May for that so the best that can happen in the interim is for the two who do not work for the village to step down immediately, they know the damage they are causing to this community and refuse to do the honourable thing, they seem to have some misguided view that URPC can’t operate without them which as has been shown is bull. But there is nothing to make them stand down even when residents call for them to! CDC is aware of the troubles these two are causing but they are powerless to do anything it seems.
    If they went you would have residents standing for election and things being done for this village!
    How can something so fundamental be so impossible? They need to go and ‘they’ know who they are!

  4. Well said and I know exactly how it feels having been on the PC myself. You have ideas rubbished or your comments belittled. Nothing seems to get done except more red tape, paperwork and more discussions – these have there place but for a small PC it is being taken far to far. Roll on May 🙂

  5. I agree totally with Martin statement. Why should people be threatened with legal action if they disagree with other councillors? This is the modus operandi of one councillor.

    Everyone in the village knows they have no interest in the village. For example if they had their way the PLAY PARK would have been repaired and not replaced and that would have been delayed (its all minuted and recorded).

    They also come as a pair, if one fails to attend a meeting, then the other doesn’t. Then they abstain or question every decision because they did not attend the previous meeting. BIZARRE.

  6. Well said Martin. I back your comment 100% and so would many more in this village.

    The same 2 have been at the forefront of the PC issues for far to long now.

    They treat the PC like their own company and it is in their opinion they are always correct and clearly not so.

    Many people have advised are fully aware of the situation in Upper Rissington.

    Personally, I could not sit at a PC meeting knowing what we all know and think so all I can say is they are as hard skinned as a Rhino.

    Oh well, they have taken the toll of so many good people in the village + some lovely PC clerks we have had and yet the situation continues.

  7. The whole village has a chance to do something now! Please everyone complete the CGR questionaire that you have received? I believe another is due to be sent out shortly! Recommendations seem to be going through that we will have 9 councillors next year representing wards across the whole village! The only way to remove the terrible two is to make sure we have at least 10 candidates willing to stand for election! Please give your names to Martin and Kirsten, the village needs your support!

  8. URPC now has 3 vacancies so why is the URPC clerk and CDC monitoring officer calling for an election or Cooption for one councillor after January 10th? This stinks! This thread spells out the apathy and perverse logic abiding in Upper Rissington!

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