URPC is now an investment bank – £100,000

It would appear that our Parish Council has so much money they are investing a minimum of £100,000 from the £200,000 they have in the bank (information from URPC meeting on the 8th August 2018).

I would like to react to this by saying why has the balance been allowed to get so high?

  • The precept must also be very high, consequently why was it allowed to be raised this year?
  • There has been little or now improvements over the term of this council to our village.
  • Maintenance on items like trees has not been done.
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12 thoughts on “URPC is now an investment bank – £100,000

  1. Until the residents decide enough is enough they will carry on banking the Council tax and precept money and doing nothing to maintain the trees and footpaths but based on FaceBook posts during the summer that is what some people want but I do believe they are the minority!

  2. Why hasn’t the external auditors ordered the PC to spend the money? This has happened before with far far less money?

    People are quite happy not to get involved as long as the day to day stuff is done like bins emptied.

  3. David, I have never heard of external auditors instructing anyone other than to remedy an error! It is not illegal for councils to invest money but after the Icelandic Bank scandal, they are advised not to do such things! There was no way GT was going to do anything like that last year and they are a good company! I am not convinced these new auditors will even have the necessary authority to contemplate giving such an instruction! I agree with your second comment except they only wake up to a problem when its too late!

  4. Well, I beg to differ Mike, as I’ve seen with my own eyes that the PC were told they were holding too much money and shouldn’t have such a high reserve unless it was ear marked for certain projects. I think at the time, the PC had some thing like £43k

    1. David, last year Nigel Adams denounced that opinion explaining that the URPC should hold more than £100K but that must be in cash reserves for emergencies not stuck in investments! This comes back to sensible Governance which is not happening here!

      1. Rainy day money £100k!!!!!! – what we expecting CDC to go bust so our PC have to pay for all the services 😮

  5. Just listened to the Youtube Video. Pauline Rigby is discussing investing a minimum of £100,000. They seriously, need to consider capital projects such as Tree Maintenance.

  6. Jerry, what are the projects that they never spend the money on? We know they are delaying the Play
    park but for what reason, Tree maintenance as part of £100K well it should be spelt out! Has anyone sent a letter to the clerk demanding an explaination for what is going on? I guess its confidential under the DPA? I thought everyone wanted the playpark to be refurbished? Who says no?

  7. What would you spend some of the money on? Here are a few suggestions to start us off (list already sent to URPC).

    1) Youth Shelter – on going for over 5 years.
    2) Buy the bulbs and plant them in time this year (as promised). If you buy them now, I will plant them for URPC.
    3) Maintain the trees – this should have been done as a duty of care during this councils term (plan to catalogue all trees myself).
    4) Cut the perimeter hedge properly, not by hand. It needs a proper cut, by hand doesn’t cut enough off.
    5) Cut the bushes on the Barrington Road which are obstructing drivers vision as you drive onto the main road (can provide pictures if required).
    6) Clean all gulleys.
    7) Planters bought to be placed adjacent village signs as you enter the village.
    8) Benches to be placed at suitable vantage points around the playing field.
    9) Expand Jubilee Gardens with some new plants.
    10) Repair the Cotswold Stone Wall pillars (3 of) as you access the play park from Siskin Road (see pictures). I think repaired under Emergency Powers previously.

    Please add to list.

  8. Below is the response I received on this from Pauling Rigby (clerk). I have changed the wording from original response.

    1. GCC’s Lengthsmen scheme: Will carry out small road repairs and similar jobs.

    2. Leaf clearing: This is usually a District Council responsibility, carried out by their waste collection crews.

    3. Perimeter hedge: Cut in the winter as part of the grounds maintenance contract. They will flail cut the external faces, and hand cut the inside of the hedge where the flail cutter cannot reach.

    4. Spring bulbs: Possibly added to an upcoming agenda? As well as approving expenditure and areas to be planted, a volunteer is required to take this on and organise crews to do the planting.

    5. Siskin Road wall repairs: Added to the do list, low priority.

    6. Local gully clearing programme: Question raised.

  9. Leading from the front as usual, not! They are looking for volunteers because they have no interest and they know no one will help them! What a sad state of affairs?

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