URPC Meeting – 3rd Oct ’16

7 thoughts on “URPC Meeting – 3rd Oct ’16

  1. Disappointed to see so little on the village hall, knowing there are issues that need urgent fixing and what about the Lease for the VH Trust?

  2. I cannot deny I am unhappy that the TRUST have not taken possession of the Hall. At the last public session, we heard that the trust required items fixing and this process was taking place. I also got the impression, that the lease should be ready to sign by now, following amendments.

    What we need is a statement from the URPC Chair to tell us when the process will be complete.

  3. Having viewed this Agenda, item 20 specifically. I recall that this was also discussed and minuted in the June meeting. Is this something that can be legally revisted within 6 months?

    From June Minutes
    (v) To note National Joint Council for Local Government Services (NJC) 2016-18 National Salary Award and incremental pay rise for Clerk both effective from 1st April 2016 – The salary awards were noted. The National Salary Award is a 1% increase for 2016 and a further 1% in 2017.

  4. I really dont know why URPC have not appointed a Chairman? This should have been done months ago. With a Chairman, the clerk appointed would have a satisfactory working environment and would have the time to do her job.

    I am sure DL could do this post as she is acting as Dept Clerk and also has the knowledge of the councils needs. I would like to know why any councillor will not undertake this position?

    Furthermore, I noted on the minutes of the 20th Sept item 8:

    Closed session should this really have been a closed session item? As tax payers it is community ££££ being spent and we should all know what the council are planning to spend our monies on.

    Assistant to Deputy Clerk: During a period of extended absence by the Clerk, the Deputy Clerk was authorized, subject to obtaining prior written approval from the Chairman of Vice-Chairman, to spend up to £500 per month to employ an assistant. This arrangement is to be reviewed at the next Annual Meeting of the Council. Proposed by BH, seconded by DA, DL abstained. Motion carried.

    What confuses me is that when asked to find someone to tidy the Village Hall banks and the boarders it will be difficult to find volunteers in this village. Maybe, the new scouts/cubs could earn the gardening badge from doing it. 🙂

    Please pay to get it done out of our council prcept that what that is for.

    All I see at the moment is spend spend spend and I see no benefits and or improvements in our village. For example, I dread to see what the final Solicitors bill will be once the Village Hall transfer is complete.

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