URPC Vice Chairman’s Resignation letter.

Please read Martins resignation letter and you can see nothing has changed within Upper Rissington Parish Council. Clearly, Martin Johnstone and Marc Buffrey, Vice Chairman and Chairman respectively were attempting to make progress. Now both have left URPC, so what will happen next month, another resignation from a councillor or the clerk?

What is clear is that Martin, is still very enthusiastic to continue his work within the community to help all residents with the issues for the whole village where he possibly can.

Martin Johnstone Resignation Letter


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4 thoughts on “URPC Vice Chairman’s Resignation letter.

  1. I have noticed that URPC have not published Martin’s letter of resignation. Hopefully, it is read out at tonights meeting and then published.

    Only the notice of vacancy has been posted on the URPC website. My guess is cooption is the only solution to fill empty places assuming there are people interested in becoming councillors, which of course I doubt.

  2. Have I heard right, that certain members of the PC have stopped the letter being put on the PC web site, as they felt it was slanderous and may seek legal advice (and who will be paying for that!).

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